Monday, May 23, 2011

Whats for Dinner? - Meal Planning - with FREE PRINTABLE - Week 4'

This is our last official "Printable" Meal Plan!

I figure we now have 4 weeks worth of meal plans and from now on we can just mix and match!
This week was the easiest one yet!  We are going to be out two nights this week and what a difference this makes!

Chicken Parmigiana
I actually sat down and worked out the cost of this meal and it worked out cheaper to buy the Chicken Schnitzels Crumbed ready to go, compared to buying breast/thigh fillets and crumbing them yourself!!
Such an easy meal loved by everyone!  You can try so many different toppings!  We are going with the standard tomato and cheese but you could add ham, bacon, pineapple, whatever takes your fancy!

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni
This is a very easy meal if you use fresh pasta sheets instead of cannelloni tubes.
You just place some of your mixture on the past sheet, roll and place in your baking dish.
No icing bags or tricky filling of tubes!

Up to Hubby!
It's my Birthday so I AM NOT COOKING!

Lamb Chops
We love Lamb chops!  Especially the ones with the round bone in the middle!

Quiche Lorraine with grilled Mediterranean Veggies
Such a classic recipe.  Really you can add whatever you want to the standard filling!
I always make double the quantity and make some mini ones as well for lunches!

Fend for themselves I am going out with the girls!

BBQ!  Fingers crossed for some good weather!  It has been ages since we have had a good steak!

So that's it for this week!
Remember just click the link, download and print!

Today I am off on a mission to find a new outfit for under $50 for Saturday night!
I am up to the challenge. 
Hmm little black dress? 
Something non-mummsy
If I survive the expedition of clothes shopping with a baby in tow I will return to tell you about my discoveries!


  1. Happy Birthday for Wednesday!

    Thanks for ythe meal ideas, I am still fine tuning our meal plans as I would like to have them completed a month in advance and then just shop once a week for the neccesary items that we don't have in the house.

    Good luck on your shopping trip!

  2. Oh this all looks delicious, thanks for the cooking inspiration, love Posie