Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Clever Chic - Owly Molly Print

Remember this sweet little birdie?

Owly Molly Print

This was a gorgeous "Owly Molly Print" designed especially for Little Miss A's 1st Birthday.
It now takes pride of place in her bedroom.
I just love the vintage, shabby chic feel of the design!

Owly Molly Print is the creation of Sydney based graphic designer, Rosalin Kristiani.
Specialising in divine wall art for children, it is so lovely to find items in the home decor market that are unique, stylish and modern with not a Disney character in sight!

With a passion for graphic design and logos, Rosalin opened Owly Molly after finding it difficult to source unique wall art for her children.
"The only things available in the market were the vinyl wall art stickers, wooden names and a small  range of  canvas art. So, I designed a few prints, printed and framed them and Owly Molly was born!" 

Barely open a year this Facebook business has gone ahead at lightening speed!  Owly Molly not only create personalised wall art but also specialise in logos and have a massive range of individualised gorgeous invitations.  This Mum of 2 (Clarissa,4 and Nathan 2) loves the fact that "Owly Molly" allows her to work from home and be with her kids.

"I spend some of my time in the study, working with my Adobe Illustrator, whilst the kids are busy at their own table and chairs.  But like all Mum's I also have to find time sto cook, go to the playground, play with the kids and do the housework!"

This successful mummy business has long been a supporter of "My Pigeon Pair" and we can't wait to continue to watch this clever and cute business bloom.

But wait there's more.......

We are giving away two divine Owly Molly prizes!

1st Prize
A  personalised series set of  Owly Molly Prints
Thats 3 prints!
Like this little beauty?

Or this one?

2nd Prize
1 Personalised Print
May be a little owl?

Winners choice!

How to enter:

1. Like the "My Pigeon Pair" Facebook page.

2. Like the "Owly Molly" Facebook page. (Tell them who sent you!)
3. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about "My Pigeon Pair" 
AND which Owly Molly Design you love the best!
Once you have done all that, YOU HAVE ONE ENTRY!!!
Because some people don't have google,
4. Tag My Pigeon Pair in your Facebook Status Update and then let us know you have done so on the My Pigeon Pair- Facebook Page.

Sign up as a follower on the "My Pigeon Pair" Blog
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Write on the "My Pigeon Pair" Facebook Wall - Telling us why you love "My Pigeon Pair" and which Owly Molly Design you love the most!


Only open to Australian residents due to postage.
Two Winners will be chosen via
Competition opens 6am Thursday  28th April.
Competition closes 8pm Wednesday 4th May.

Good Luck!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Stamped With Love - Ettie & Ottie

I am in mourning.  
Our garage resembles a Babies R Us store, 
with highchairs, prams and bouncers piled together, ready for sale.
Our family is complete and its time to make room for our life ahead.
To say it hasn't been easy, is an understatement.
There have been tears.
I know it is just stuff, but it is more than that.
It means that this chapter of our family life is closing.
No more swollen pregnant belly.
No more hearing and seeing that little heart beating for the first time.
Naturally there are some consolations.
I can now  look forward to a life without morning sickness, and maybe even a little sleep?
Hubby wants to put the money from the "Baby Sale" towards the credit card.
Of course this would be a great idea, but I have other plans....
Perhaps this is a moment to celebrate and not mourn.
To cherish what we have,  two precious miracles.
With Mother's Day around the corner, and now the sale of our baby items
what better way to mark the occasions with
a piece of Jewellery!

Followers would know by now that this means the research started.
After a long online search and facebook shoutouts
I found it....well them....

and then, in there store, was a stunning piece of jewellery, with my name on it, literally!

Ettie & Ottie, named after owner Charlotte(Ottie) and her sister Georgette (Ettie), is an online store which also sells on etsy and made it.  At first I was attracted to their handstamped jewellery but a sneaky peak into their Facebook albums revealed a treasure trove of delights!

Handbags, purses, hair accessories, earrings and children's art folios  
(bags kids can take out with them to keep themselves amused with spots for everything,  complete with crayons or texta’s and a drawing pad, there’s even a pocket to store their DS!)

Funnily enough the piece I chose was inspired by Charlotte's own favourite design!

Simple, classic design with just a hint of elegance with the pearl in the middle.


 How did  "Ettie and Ottie" evolve?
Initially I started fiddling around with beads and ribbons about 4 –5 years ago, then started making so many bracelets and necklaces and earrings that something had to be done with them – there were too many for one person!  I had a couple of ‘jewellery morning teas’ to show my work to the mums from school and I got orders from there and off it went.  It eventually evolved into more hands on ‘hand stamping’ jewellery as I feel like its something that I have created especially for the person.  Its actually a skill I wasn’t sure I was going to get as it was pretty wobbly at the start.  The more I did the better I got.  I also like the fact that the majority of my work is one of a kind – I like to know that I can create an individual piece with someone for them or their gift recipient that will love it. 

What a great baptism, communion, or confirmation present!

How do you "hand stamp" and what products do you use?
Hand stamping is done with individual steel letter stamps that come in a variety of different fonts that are stamped firmly into (in my case) Sterling silver, 14 kt gold fill and copper disks, washers or other shapes.  These are cut with a disk cutter from sheet silver or gold or copper.
The piece is then filed and sanded – then stamped with the names etc , then polished to a high shine.  Additional dangles are sometimes added, whether it be sterling silver or gold filled puffy heart charms, pearl dangles, or birthstones.  Anything really!  I’ve also made bookmarks and keyrings.

next one on the list!

Do you have a favourite product?  Or do you wear a particular piece?
My favourite piece that I wear everyday is the large gold filled washer on the thicker chain, that I wear with a very large pearl pendant that I was given for my 40th birthday, that I put on with it on the night of my birthday and it accidentally ended up hanging in the centre, and it just stayed that way! I just love it!  This is where the inspiration came for the large gold filled washer pendant with the swarovski pearl and the thicker chain.  I also love that people are buying the gold washers and wearing them on really thick belcher chain necklaces that they already own.  They look fantastic on chunky chains.

What does a day in your life look like?
A day in my life?  Busy!  I am the mother of a 7 year old daughter,  Madeleine  so it's getting her off to school first, and then I begin my "work" day – anyone working for themselves at home would be in the same boat – there is no 9-5.  I tend to work at home during the day with the occasional appointment with customers, then before you know it its time for school pickup, spend a bit of time with Maddie,  then dinner and back into the work again!!!  I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it!

What would you like the future to hold for your business?
I would love to continue making beautiful items for people to cherish, to continue to receive such wonderful feedback from my wonderful customers and to continually be able to grow and scratch that creative itch!  

So while I ease my sorrow as this part of our family's journey closes,
we will celebrate everything we have and
I will treasure my own little piece of "Ettie and Ottie" a symbol of our families circle of life,
a little piece of family, stamped with love, to cherish forever.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm grateful for......Wishes

Two things have happened this week that have made me think about wishes.
On the weekend we went to GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) as the current exhibition is "21st Century Kids" 
It was amazing!
One of the pieces of interactive modern art was a 
"wish wall"

Many pieces of ribbon, each with a different wish printed on them;
I wish I could fly
I wish I had wings
I wish my drawings came to life
I wish I was a Ballerina travelling the world 
(Miss A chose this one, ok so I chose it for her!)

What did Master O choose?
I wish I had a pet!!!! 
Hint, Hint!

Then on Wednesday, we had Master O's Prep Interview, 
yes thats right interview for starting school in 2012 in APRIL 2011!!
and the dreaded question was asked by the principal...
What do you wish or want for your child's education?
so I thought.......
To learn with enthusiasm, use his initiative, follow his passions and 
leap in to life

To stay healthy and active, to exercise his body and mind

To be given the opportunity to explore, imagine and inquire

To develop a sense of awe and wonder 
and to use his senses,
to touch, taste and smell

To communicate confidently and
to speak up for what he believes in, without fear of judgement.

To choose his own path instead of following others

to maintain the balance between
 school and home
friends and family
study and play

To face every obstacle as a challenge armed with the persistence to conquer it

and the resilience to shrug off the setbacks 

To feel the joy and pride of success.

Today I am grateful that all these wishes for my child are beginning to come true
What more could a mother wish for.......

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Colour Me Happy - Making Recycled Crayons

I have been desperately trying to organise the kids playroom over the holidays.
I got some great tips on "de-cluttering" the kids colouring in items from 
"The Organised Housewife"
So whilst I was

I suddenly found I now had these orphans
This poor little collection is the abandoned, no lids, odd assortment, broken crayon collection.
Some were salvagable, but the crayons!
I am sure they have been busy multiplying whilst we have been asleep!
Soooo.... a new holiday activity was born....


You will need any silicone baking mould..
You can really use any baking moulds but I like silicone as they are easier to pop out the finished product!
This one was way too cute to pass up!  From "House" for $9.99

Ask your apprentice to peel all the paper off the outside of the crayons.
They love doing this!

You can recycle the paper!
You now have a whole variety of paper less crayons.

Break the crayons up into smaller pieces.
Another fun job for your apprentice!
If some thick crayons are hard to snap, Mum can cut them with a knife!

Fill your moulds with the broken crayon pieces!
You can mix colours or sort colours!
A great maths activity (sort and match!)
I am sure he is on to my "Sneaky teaching tips"
as he was adamant that they all had to be "rainbow" crayons!
Now you have something that looks like this!
Preheat your oven to 120 degrees
And "cook" for about 10 minutes or until you see that the crayons are melted.
I find it easier to place the moulds onto a baking tray.
It is much safer and easier to get them in and out of the oven this way!

You can use any shape or size baking tray!
This one is from BIG W $10

Once melted remove from oven to cool

If you are as impatient as me, Master O
you can cool them in the fridge for quicker results!
Once cool and hard, pop them out and....

Ta Da!!!!! New beautiful (and recycled) crayons!

They make great gifts!
I, Master O loved this activity soooo much that
I packaged up some butterfly moulds and crayons with some instructions and sent them as Easter Gifts to Master O's cousins!

Easter Eggs really don't travel well and I thought it may give them something to do these school holidays with all that built up "chocolate eating" energy!