Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A space, a shelf, a solution.....The InstaHANGER from Green Apple Organising

Well our bathroom organisation project has definitely left us with the organisation bug 
and this is one bug we are in no hurry to get rid of! 
Our organisation fever has  moved on from the bathroom 
and now taken its hold on the wardrobe!
In particular Master O's wardrobe has long been cause of heart palpitations with an overwhelming amount of clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, swimwear, even a large family of stuffed toys have taken up residence amongst the chaos. 

In particular I have been searching for a way of storing and organising his clothes so that he can independently get dressed (in appropriate clothes) in the mornings.
Sending him off to get dressed often results in him reappearing with his swim suit bottoms, a jumper, socks and sandals.  As much as I appreciate his european styling, I am not sure it would meet "Kindy standards" and so we waste another half an hour arguing, wrestling the clothes off getting him changed.
With his first year of school uniforms rapidly approaching I was starting to get frantic!

We have the space but just not the solution.
Then I spied this little piece of inspiration...

Amy from Living Locurto was in a similar predicament when she created this great system for her son!
I must admit the procrastinator in me bit and although I saw this picture months ago, I have not done anything about it!
Well to be fair it was not just procrastination but the how-would-this-work-for-us question?

Master O has to be able to reach the clothes for this to be effective?
How can you put a clothes rail at his height?
Do we really have room for a whole other clothes rail in his cupboard?
How would you install it?


 I found this little beauty when I recently stumbled upon a life changing website. 
Australian based, Adele from Green Apple not only has the most amazing products 
but inspiring videos with time saving and simple snippets of organising gold!
I had massive organisers envy when I browsed her online store but there was one product I had to HAVE!

This product the InstaHANGER is the perfect solution to our wardrobe problem!
Basically its a mini hanging shelf that can be put almost anywhere you need some extra shelf space!
It can be installed anywhere!  On a door, wall, cupboard or in our case in the wardrobe!
Here it is!!!
We are putting it at Master O's eye level so that he can see what he is to wear each day.
Each coathanger has a day of the week tag on it so I can help him plan for a week of clothes!
The InstaHANGER is the perfect size, stable and can hold 50lbs of weight.
It has made the most of the unused space underneath the current clothes rail!
Children's clothes are so short that you often have unused space (at their reach!)

I would love to have one in the laundry to place clothes on once I have ironed them.
Or in our guest bathroom for guests to put their clothes on whilst they have a shower.
Or in our entryway for school jumpers and work jackets.
It is great because when you are not using it just folds discretely against the wall. (see the little inset picture above) and can be used inside and outside!

The InstaHANGER is available online through Green Apple Organising
but beware they have sooo many clever products (more of which you will read about on here!) and Adele's You Tube Clips are addictive
and will only encourage your organising bug may take hold of your life! 
That can't be a bad thing, can it?


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