Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm grateful for....Imagination

It was one of those days.  
Well actually more like one of those nights, days, weeks.  
Little Miss A, the overachiever, has decided to break all 4 molars at once.  
Master O, the keeper of the overactive imagination, woke, with dreams of dragons with tails, ships on the sea and monsters out the windows, yes all in one night!
To make the situation worse I had worked the day before and now with a few hours of broken sleep, I had to back it up with another day at work.  

After a 4 am wake up call, I had actually felt like the day was improving with a peaceful household in which to savour a cup of coffee (Master O was not yet awake)
With the grand arrival of Master O 
(I am not kidding he stands at the bottom of the stairs to yell "Look who's awake, it's someone starting with O!!!), 
little Miss A now gets over excited, 
runs towards him and slips in her slippers (is that why they call them slippers?) 
An ice pack, tears (from both of them) and some cuddles later 
we are now way behind schedule.  

"The Nanny" is arriving at 7.30 and I know have 20 minutes to dress the kids, straighten the house and get myself dressed.  After a mad dash straightening effort (throwing things into cupboards and down the laundry chute)
 I leave the kids in the lounge room for Master O to "entertain" Little Miss A.  
Whilst applying my double layer of caffeine infused under eye concealer 
(in hope that I will not scare my class of children with my haggard witch appearance)  

I hear jumping....

Not just one pair of feet but two!  
Then I hear Master O calling to Miss A
"Don't slip!" 
I run.  
One accident in the morning is enough.  
This is what I find.....

A Master O masterpiece entitled
 "The bouncy road to Mummy's Kingdom"

Well thats the condensed title, 
truthfully it went more like this......
"Ok Mummy, this is a bouncy road.
Go straight down this way towards the pond (bath room)then turn, 
the green step is the lucky one and when you step on it, 
a Fairy (Little Miss A) will give you a wish.
Then go down near the river (the blue sheet) there is a bridge, 
but be careful because there is a naughty troll under there.
Then there is a big mountain, it is slippery 
(hence the call out to Little Miss A, not to slip!)
 because of all the moss,
when you go over it you get to.....
 Mummy's Kingdom (The Master Bedroom)!

His vivid imagination had allowed him to escape our suburban daily rush,
 into a land of magical creatures and mossy mountains.
Oh to have a childs imagination.

For a minute, looking through his eyes, 
I no longer saw the mess as just another thing to worry about in my morning craziness,
 but as a play land of adventurous proportions.
He did not see a haggard mummy,  a disastorous house, or the clock ticking in anticipation of the nanny arriving.  
He saw fairies and ponds and endless possibilities.

This motherhood gig is full of "bouncy roads"  
Sometimes just when I think I am on top of everything, I discover a troll under the bridge.
But then there are those fairies that grant you a wish and time stands still just for a moment, and if I watch my step I may just make it over that mossy mountain and find some much needed sleep in, Mummy's Kingdom.

One can only imagine......


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  1. oh wow that is simply beautiful i must admit just reading it i got lost in his fairytale world
    what an amazing little man x

  2. What a gorgeouse little boy you have there. I just love watching my kids imaginations grow. It is fascantating what stories and games they can come up with.

  3. I think this is my favourite "I'm grateful" post so far. We can all relate to weeks like these...just remember along the bumpy road don't forget to take a sip from the "magic chocolate fountain" (aka a good coffee). Hang in there!