Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Organisation Station - The Before Pictures!

The Before Picture
This is a great little storage unit from Ikea its called the "Forhoja" or something like that and is designed to be a kitchen trolley.

Currently it houses;
Left - A set of filing drawers 
Right - Laptop
Left Drawer - Labeller, spare batteries, chargers, memory cards
Right Drawer - First Aid
First Shelf - Drink Bottles and Snack Containers (in the blue storage box)
Lunchboxes (second blue storage box)
Phonebooks (who really uses phone books any more!)
Bottom shelf - Hats (in the blue storage box), Emergency Kit (second blue storage box)

This is where it is in our house.
I love the location as it is truly the hub of our house between the kitchen a little second dining room and the playroom.
On the other side of the wall is our kitchen bench

What I would love to achieve this week;
1. Create a pinboard (or 2!)
I have bought some fabric to cover a pinboard.
I am hoping it will brighten up the dull space and be a place to keep invitations/notes and the family calendar!

2. Begin to add an "Errands Station"
I love this concept from "Super Organiser Mum"

This is hers!  Love it!!!
You can read about it HERE

3. And because Things really need to happen in 3's!
Ask the hubby to start sanding the trolley!
I want to paint it white!
It really needs freshening up!

Oh and maybe some shopping around for some new baskets!!!  Those storage containers just aren't cutting it!  Any excuse to do some shopping!!!

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