Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Organisation Station Progress

Who needs to go to the shops when your find little beauties like this in your own home!
Whilst searching for photo disks in the study (a whole other story!) I found this....

Are you thinking, what I am thinking?
An errands station?
It is a little organising box from Ikea that has been sitting in our study.
I used to have it on my classroom desk and it was great for organsing notebooks and stationary.
I actually have 2 of them!
I think with a bit of paint......

You never know what will turn up while you are doing the groceries!

I found these filing folders at.....
Love the colours but they don't match my pink/brown/white colour scheme so
I am going to attempt to cover them with some scrapbooking paper!

I changed my mind about the fabric I chose as it was beautiful but really didn't go with the rest of our house!
So now I have ordered

French Hatbox by Tanya Whelan
Will definitely be buying from them again!
Great range and such speedy delivery, ordered Thursday night and it arrived Monday!

So that's where we are at!
Today I hope to cover one pinboard and paint the errands station!
Hopefully by Thursday we will have made some progress!
Does anyone know where I can find a pretty and practical printable Calendar?


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  1. Oh this is such an exciting project! What a bonus to be able to re-purpose your Ikea organiser. JOY! Everything you've got planned sounds so lovely.

    Can't wait to see the end product. you've put so much thought into it.