Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's For Dinner - Meal Planning with the Organised Housewife

Wow what a weekend and it's only half way through!!!
I have made some BIG decisions about the "My Pigeon Pair" blog this weekend!
Can't wait to share the journey with you!

But back to reality, I have meals to plan, groceries to buy and 
fights over chapsticks to referee.
Yes chapsticks, are the toy of choice in our house at the moment.  
Strawberry is the current favourite. So glad I bought them toys for Christmas!

This week I am guest posting my meal plan over at 

These meals are our family favourites!
Eggplant Parmigiana, Lemon Crumbed Chicken Drumsticks and Honey Joys
not all together of course!
For the recipes and even a few sneaky pictures head over to
Bon Appetite! 


Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm grateful for...... Twitter

Fancy that.  
I have found something to love about another little birdie.

I have previously made a few false starts at 
swooping in on the twitter action but this time it really happened! 
 I was swept away out of my comfort zone and dropped smack bang in the middle of the twitter nest.
Would I have anything worth chirping about?
Would anybody follow this little pigeon?
Would I be attacked by some larger and way cooler peacocks?

Yes. Yes and NOOOO!!!
It's a bit like being the new girl at school.
At first you don't know anyone.
You wonder if you will have anyone to talk to.
Will you be able to find the few other people there you know.
But after a few awkward introductions, I started to feel welcomed, included and 
of course addicted.

For the first time I actually felt "connected" to others in the bloggy flock.
I learnt more about blogging, weaning, and tweeting in two days than I have in the last year.

I am not only grateful for finally having the courage to take the twitter leap 
but grateful that I landed safely in a warm nest, welcomed by some amazing chics and 
quickly taken under their wings. 

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Come swoop in on the action!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Say what???

Master O, aged 4 is getting married.  
Or so he announced this week.  
Being a teacher of this age group I should have seen it coming.  
I have witnessed many a lunchtime wedding ceremony complete with pipe cleaner rings and fallen leaf bouquets.  
But it was not one of his Kindy sweethearts he was going to marry..
it was me.  
I blame Bruno Mars.

Marry You

We love this song A LOT at our house at the moment and I guess the words "I think I want to marry you" being yelled (not sung) at each other have subliminally sunk into his mind.  Lots of talks about who you can and can't marry (that was a tricky one) we have moved on.  With the radio blaring we drive to Kindy.  We arrive like every other day for Master O to excitedly tell his friends everything that has happened in the twelve hours since he saw them last, I only hope is teachers don't over hear.

He begins to play and as usual he starts singing as he works.  
He can't help it.  It's hereditary. 
Loudly and in his best singing voice he sings...
"She's a dirty, dirty dancer".

say what??? 
 Where did he get that from.  
With a few quick shhushes and a look from him of what's wrong with my singing, 
I make a quick and discrete exit.  
Later that morning I confess my embarrassing motherhood moment to a friend.  
The guilt has set in!  I am one of those mothers.  
You know the ones who don't sensor what their children listen to the radio.  
The price paid for this sin is a child who knows all the words to those songs and uses them to embarrass his mother. 
Should I admit that this wasn't the first time? 

This incident came after a recent discussion about Master O singing.
"Where's my car, where's my keys, where my clothes" 
Where are his things Mummy?
Mummy answer: Probably in his bedroom under the mess.
That's what happens when you don't clean up your room.  You can't find anything!  

I am now trying very hard to sensor what he listens to, especially in the car, where most of these incidents have originated.  I only hope I haven't done any long term damage. 
 How bad could it be?  
Worst case scenario.  As an adult he lives out the words of his childhood and
 gets married, to a dirty dirty dancer, after he has lost his car, keys and clothes.  
Oh dear.  I hope not.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What's for dinner? Meal Planning Monday

Baked Tandoori Whole Chicken - Rice and Steamed Greens.
This is a marinated chicken from Woolworths.
As much as we love it, it is a little spicy for the kids so we peel off the skin and cut up the meat for them.

Lamb Roast with Vegetables
Nothing like a lamb roast in Winter and I am hoping to try using one of those new 
"cook in bags!"

Slow Cooker Ratatouile
Our meat free meal this week served with some crispy cheese bread!

Spaghetti Bolognese with meatballs.
This is a quick and easy dinner from the freezer with hopefully enough leftovers for me to take to work!

Panko crumbed Fish and Homemade Potato chips
How expensive has Fish and Chips gotten!!!
So we are making our own!

Grilled Salmon with Veggie Mash and Broccolini and Asparagus
It is so expensive, but so good for you and not a scrap goes to waste as we all love it!

Lots of oven meals this week!!!  SO glad to have our oven back on board.  The price saving of doing the repairs ourselves was $100!!!!
Soooo worth it!
Do you think I could use this money for a new pair of boots?
Happy boot wearing Mummy, Happy Family?
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Talking chalk.....Fiona Kate Chalkboard Labels

Remember our Project Playroom?

Well we had an awesome TROFAST storage system from IKEA that now houses the majority of our toys.....there is just one problem.....
It was looking like this....

No it's not the poor excuse for lighting when taking a photo
and yes some have been put back into their spot with a crooked lid.....
Notice the labels?
I am a MASSIVE fan of labelling things. 
 Organising and storage are great but without labels 
the items will NEVER find their way back to their home.
My label maker and I go way back.
But this was just one job too big for my little DYMO.
I have had many attempts at conquering this problem.

I tried printing out labels on the computer, laminating them and sticky taping them on....
Only one has survived (the little puzzles label at the bottom).
I then tried to use some letter stickers from a dollar store.  
These were ok, but after a month, wear and tear had got the better of them.  
Funnily enough they had a way of coming of the boxes when I needed them on and 
then when I wanted them off I had to scrub them off!!!
But finally we have a solution.........
Enter Fiona Kate - Simple Storage Solutions

Chalkboard Labels!!!!!

Simply write, using chalk onto the labels
For younger children you can add some little pictures to make it easier for them to "read"

Stick them onto your containers and....
You have a fun and functional way of labelling your containers!

Here is what I love about them.
They can be written on and personalised.
You can change them with a simple wipe.
We are always culling and resorting toys as the kids grow older so the labels need to be changed accordingly. This is sooo easy with the chalkboard labels.
They can be used anywhere!
They are easy to apply
They are durable

Who doesn't want to have a turn using the chalk to write on them.
A great way to help your children take ownership of organising
 is involving them in the process!
Master O has sneakily been found wiping off the labels so I will let him write on them!

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your project.

The "dot" and rectangular chalkboard labels retail for $12.95

We have used them in our playroom but you could use them;
In the kitchen to label tea and coffee jars or pantry containers
In the wardrobe so your clothes stay organised on the shelves.
Near the phone to jot down messages.
The possibilities are endless.

Fiona Chandler (the owner of Fiona Kate) established the business in 2007 and as a busy Mum of 4 children,  (and 6 chickens, a rabbit and a cat) she HAS to be organised!
Her online store is stocked with clever and innovative storage products.
From Giant storage boxes that double as tables to the divine "postie" for displaying pictures and cards, her products are all made "toddler tough"

Her fresh and creative designs are created at night after the kids have gone to bed.
So what does a typical day look like for this WAHM?

"Up in the morning post the blog,
cup of tea- very important
 load of washing on
make lunches and beds
 chase the kids to feed the pets
 clear up
 remind kids to get dressed
sort out the deliveries
try and fit in email
 remind kids to get dressed
hang the washing
 remind kids to get dressed
sign notes
 remind kids to get dressed
walk to school, oli rides home with me
drop deliveries at post office

this is the same most days
then it’s a mix of fun stuff for Oli , a bit of email , a trip to manufacturer and or warehouse
walk to school for pick up and the afternoon begins
homework, friends over, sport, music etc
"work" doesn't begin until 7pm!

You can find Fiona Kate on Facebook
or online at 

Now that we have the toys labelled and organised we just need to find a way to 
make them pick themselves up!!!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grateful for......sleep in whatever form it comes!

This week is all about sleep.   
Lack of sleep, no sleep, sleeping through, sleeping in your own bed 
and the constant how did you sleep last night?
So I am grateful for.....

1. Sleeping Through.  Last night, Miss A slept through for probably the fourth time in her 16 months.  I feel like a woman in a new body and can feel the guilt of 
"What have I done to my child to make her never sleep" 
gradually subsiding.

2.  My bed.  Even when I have a sleepless night I am sleeping (for 40 minutes at a time) in a warm, dry bed in a safe and happy home. 
 I can't imagine life for so many others who do not have this.

3.  Multiple non sleepers. Even if one child sleeps through, you will always have another to come and wake you up with tales of batman cards coming alive. Yes I am grateful for his active imagination in the hope that one day he can become a movie director and pay for the sleepless nights he put his mother through with a beautiful home in the Maldives.  A girl can dream....

4.  Coffee. The past 16 months have seen me solely support the growth of the Nescafe empire.  I am grateful for their cheap coffee, especially the tiny jars that I can fit in my handbag.

5.  Lastly I am grateful that I have these complaints because it means I have two little insomniacs who are healthy, happy and MINE!!!

What are you grateful for?
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Bloggy News

Are you ready for the big bloggy news???

My Pigeon Pair has 2, 
yes TWO articles on the AMAZING
Lovely Living website!!!!

I am just lost for words (yes it does happen!)
but maybe this sums it up??

Thank you so much to Jen from Lovely Living, for this great opportunity and bringing my dreams a little closer!

So stop reading here and go and read them and let me know what you think???


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why didn't I think of that?? 3 Clever Organising Ideas

The Button's in a Business Card Holder!

I have not had a good track record of keeping track of those buttons, sequins and beads and threads that come with new items of clothing.  I have just been throwing them out as whenever I need one, I can't find it anyway!  This is such a simple and clever idea.  Simply place them into a business card holder.  Use a scrap of cardboard, tape them on and write which item of clothing its for!!!

I don't want to imagine ow many bobby pins I have lost in my lifetime!
This is a magnetic paperclip holder!
What a great way to store bobby pins all together!

These should be free with every electronic purchase!
Until the world is wireless, these are a must.
How many times have you been under he desk pushing and pulling at cables trying to figure out what is connected to what?
Or even worse we have a HUGE box of cables and cords, I have no idea what they are for!!!
Why didn't I think of that!!!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

What's for dinner? Meal Planning Monday

Our meals have a twist this week!
The heating element on our oven has died and we can't get it fixed (by the hubby) until at least Friday!
So this week all our meals are made on the stove top, bbq or slowcooker!

Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff with Rice Cooker - Rice and Steamed Greens.
Simply pop in the slow cooker at lunch time!  
Love getting my two bench top cookers going! Sooo easy.
For added veggies I just steam up the kids favourites Broccolini and Zucchini!

Lamb Chops with Fried Risotto balls.
My kids LOVE rice!
Whilst on holidays my mum whipped up these delicious risotto balls filled with cheese!
So I am hoping to attempt them!
I have all day Tuesday with only one child at home to get it right!!!

Slow Cooker Honey and Mustard Chicken with corn and zucchini 
This is a family favourite

Ham and Cheese Tortellini with
Cheese, Bacon and Chicken Sauce
This is a quick and easy dinner after a long day at work and also makes enough for leftovers the next day!
These are both Latina products from Woolworths that are on special this week!

BBQ Steak, sausages and grilled zucchini, eggplant, capsicum and potato 
The hubby is whipping up this one as I am at work and he has the day off!

Celebration Lasagne and Garlic Bread
By Saturday we will have the oven fixed!  This cold weather has me craving lasagne!

Left overs!

No meat free meals for us this week!
But if you wanted to you could make the tortellini with ricotta tortellini and a tomato based sauce
and the Lasagne could be a delicious vegetable lasagne!
What's for dinner at your place this week?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm grateful for....Fisher Price

WOW 100 Google Followers!!!!
Thank you for following "My Pigeon Pair" I truly appreciate your support!

As you know we have just returned from a trip "back home" to stay with my parents.
Yes, I enjoy staying with my parents!
Think, time to get a haircut, someone else to help bathe the cherubs, and little cousins to keep Master O entertained with spy plans, trampoline jumping and book making.
No making dinner, no doing washing, pure BLISS.

But family moments, no housework and child minding aside, something else bought me joy on this trip.

Isn't she a little beauty!
This "vintage" Fisher Price Cash Register is just way too gorgeous.
The memories of all kinds of shops, purchasing items that were never priced over 20c.
The decision over wether to push the change button and send the coins whirling down the slide or the cash button and hear the clash of the plastic in the drawer.
A few years ago I bought a "new" version of this childhood classic.
It appears inflation never hit Fisher Price and you still only get three coins to buy ice cream or books.

Oh and this one!
Mum no longer has the garage but a few cars, circular footed people and petrol pumps have survided countless childhood backyard sand pit car accidents and elevator mishaps.
In this garage world dogs drive cars, parking is free, and pathways are paved with rainbow coloured slate.  The elevator was the fought over part of this toy.  Winding up the crank was the job of the dominant child (me, hey someone has to be the boss when there are four kids!) and it was somehow always my turn!

and here it is the piece de resistance.
My Mother has kept this carousel, complete with records!
I think some may have been lost over time but she has managed to pick a few up at garage sales.
Wind the little handle and the record player tinkles, twinkle twinkle little star as the children swing around the carousel.
Master O loved this one and Little Miss A was more than happy to dance to the tune and give the children a "gentle" push on the carousel!
Master O is yet to discover the laughs had in winding the handle so fast that the children go flying off as they listen to a lullaby on fast forward.

Of course these once common childhood toys circa the 80's, 
are now classed as "rare" and "vintage".
  I am sure I could hunt them down by stalking ebay at midnight for a half broken bargain, but I have instead become a new Fisher Price hoarder.
Fisher Price continue to have childhood covered and create tried and tested toys!

Who didn't have even one of these old faithfuls growing up?
You have not lived unless you have a chatterbox phone with spooky rolling eyes.
For $10 each these are great for a First Christmas or to put away as birthday gifts for all those first Birthday parties!

Laugh n Learn
Fisher Price Play house
Ok so at nearly $100 this is a big ticket item BUT....
We bought Master O one of these for his first Christmas and four years later this still gets played with at least twice a week.  Great lights and sounds (but with a volume control) It allows them to use their imagination AND provides stimulation and learning!
This is by far the best toy purchase I have made.  Watching my two at very different ages both playing with this together is priceless.

Has this replaced our old elevator garage?
The ramps look amazing!  This thing is huge!
The cars are a great investment and can be used in all kind of imaginary scenes.

So I will continue to hunt, hoard and hail Fisher Price in the hope that my own Pigeon Pair will create even just a few of the amazing childhood memories today and 
one day in a far off future be as grateful as I am, that their mother was a hoarder! 
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All the toys and prices pictured came from the current Target Toy Catalogue.
I have posted the link on the right sidebar >>>>>>