Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's go SHOPPING!

Over the last few weeks I have grabbed a few bargains!
Last week I picked up these very cute flanellete cot sheet sets from Best and Less!
They were sooo expensive at $12 a set!!!

At that price I grabbed two sets!!!
Each year at Kindy and Childcare they request children to send in a sheet/blanket set for rest time.
The (very uncomfortable) stretcher type "Kindy" beds are usually sized so that a cot sheet set is a perfect fit!
This year I have sent Master O with a cot flannellete sheet set (fitted and flat sheet) and have recieved rave reviews!  They are a little bit thicker than your ususal sheets so give the bed a little more padding.  They are also so lovley and soft to lie on and under and the flat sheet provieds a little extra warmth in the airconditiong!

At childcare I bought a wonderful "Kindy Kamper" but this year they requested children to just have a small sheet set that could fit into a small bag.  A small bag???  EASY!  Just use the cot sets pillowcase!!  Add a little ribbon drawstring and you have a goregous matching set!!!
I have now put one away for Little Miss A!!!

Remember last week I was on a mission to find a Little Black Dress for under $50?? I needed somehting new for a night out with the girls! Well I did even better than that!  I got a dress ($35) AND belt ($15) for $50!! So drum roll.....the first photo of me on the blog???......Here it is...
Ok so excuse the cropped, out of focus photo but you get the idea!
It has a lovely little chiffon neckline and a sweetheart shaped bodice,
and I loved that it covered my knobbly knees!
It was on sale at Target!
The belt was from a little local accessories store love it!

Master O's labels for his lunchbox have been coming off so it was time for some new ones!
I did a LOT of research...
I have used many Australian based label companies and they are great but I wanted something different!
and I found....

Name Bubbles is an American company but they ship to Australia and are so affordable

This is the pack I got for Master O.
I loved that they had a second line of text on some labels for his class!
He is still in KIndy but had Prep printed on them for next year!
They are laminated labels so are laundry, dishwasher, bug spray, sunscreen SAFE!
So I can put these lables on his socks, shoes, clothes, hat, lunchbox, cutlery, drinkbottles, books
and for an extra $2 I even got a dogtag plastic label for his bag that matches the set!

But wait there's more.....
and maybe even my LIFETIME........
Happy Birthday to me!!!
Look what arrived literally on my Birthday!
(Can you spot the little hand helping me open it?)

and here it is, my very own
"Becky Higgins Project Life Kit"
It is a beautiful "Scrapbooking" style, photo album kit that actually does not require any scrapbooking!  
You just slip your photos into the pages sleeves and add the pre cut journalling cards, date cards and filler cards!
My dining table now looks like this after the kids have gone bed!

Would you believe in two nights I now have our FIRST family photo album!!!
I have put in all of our photos from January 2011 to now!
I still have to journal, but I have PHOTOS in an ALBUM!!!!
This has changed OUR lives!
Literally!  We now have memories captured and preserved.
It is so easy, so beautiful, the answer to my photo problems! I can not sing its praises high enough and will be eternally grateful to 
Katrina from The Organised Housewife and
for introducing me to it..
I am now saving to buy multiple kits at the end of the year to catch up on 4 years of photos!!

So thats it, we may have been sick, but that is no excuse to stop shopping!


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