Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sip and Snack Station

Their is a thief amongst us.
Lately things have been going missing.
Biscuits, chips, red frogs, chocolates.
At first I blamed "Domesticated Dad" thinking he was overindulging on midnight snacks.
But it was not......
It was "My Pigeon Pair"
The constant crumbs appearing in the strangest corners of the house should have been a clue!
They have been conspiring against me to "steal" whole packets! 
This is not the only problem!

Master O has also become quite adept at at convincing Daddy that he is aloud to have more treats after I have said No!!!

So we have devised a solution.
I have placed all snacks out of their reach.
They now each receive a snack "ration" each day.
I place the amount of snacks I want them to eat in a day, in a small plastic container each morning.
Master O thinks this is great!  It is up to him if he eats them all at once or gradually over a morning.
Naturally Little Miss A doesn't understand the concept but just loves doing everything her brother does.
We are now all on the same page as to who can eat what and how much!
I have placed them in a container similar to my Winter station but this time within their reach. 
 It also holds their drink bottles.

The Sip and Snack Station

Yesterday, Little Miss A had a vomitting episode and I had to rush off to the doctor.
It was so good to be able to simply grab the contents of this station and throw it in my bag knowing they would have water and snacks regardless of how long I would be out for.
And the bean bag?  Well we have been trying to teach Little Miss A to sit down when she has a drink!
Having the bean bag chair right by the drink has encouraged her to do just that!

Do you have a snack thief at your place?


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  1. I'm a bit of a snack dictator here, so my Mr3 has never had the chance. Though for the first time EVER he helped himself to a kinder chocolate from the fridge the other day. He didn't eat it, just unwrapped it, THEN asked me if he could have it. It was pretty cute, but on principle I re-wrapped it and put it back and he wasn't allowed his usual daily treat.
    I'm SO mean, I know. Just trying to teach the right and wrong way of doing things.
    I like your sip and snack station, lovely!