Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ahhh Tissue! The Winter Station

Well my organisation station is making slower progress than I would have liked but for good reason!
I am sick!!!!
No rest in the month of organisation, so I set up a "Winter Station" so that all of our winter goodies are in the one spot! 
I put our basket on the end of the kitchen bench, handy for me,
 but away from creative little hands!
Some Sorbolene for rosey dry kiddie cheeks (and my hands!)
Tissues, that I have also found are a great way to amuse babies
and in the little tin
chap sticks, paw paw ointment and throat lozenges.
Loved the pink and brown floral tissue box!
Some gorgeous tissue boxes from the Kleenex Decor Range

I loved the idea of a "Summer Station"
using baskets of all descriptions to gather and organise items from

I combined these lovely creative ideas from some clever Mums to make something
that makes our home life a little easier, especially when the mother pigeon is sick!
No more searching around for some cough lollies or a chapstick,
 (which somehow always seem to be located on the floor of the car?!)
Tomorrow I promise to have some pictures of the little progres we have made on our organisation station! In between coughing that is!


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