Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday - Tickets Please...Rewarding good behaviour!

 It starts with a whinge.  
Gradually it develops into a loud determined voice, moments later it is has descended into a glass shattering scream and unfortunately at times (especially really inconvenient moments in public) it has culminated in a body slamming tantrum!  
I doubt there is a parent or teacher who at some stage hasn't searched for that "magic" cure for behaviour management. I am far from the perfect parent.  In fact I thought I would be a lot better at this behaviour management after managing 25,  5 year olds for a living!

What I have learnt (and need to constantly remind myself) is....
Tell them what you want them TO do,  not what NOT to do!
E.G - Make sure your walking with that drink
NOT - Don't run with your drink

With their beautiful selective hearing all they hear is the word RUN!!!  
It also helps you sound less like a nagging mother for the neighbours sake at least!

   This does work in our house especially now that Master O has a sibling.
To the sibling:  Wow look at you eating so beautifully!
is almost always followed by 
Master O: I am eating beautifully too Mummy!
OR when your out and about
Look at those children playing together nicely in the playground.
Again you are emphasising what you want them to do!


Focusing on doing the right thing works a whole lot better than concentrating on what will happen if they do the wrong thing!!!  Yes it is important that children know what the consequences are but they will forget them long before they forget that fantastic reward they are working towards too!
Reward systems can work in many ways.  Charts, stickers, pocket money....personally I LOVE tickets.  They are reusable (unlike stickers). You can have them personalised in any theme you could imagine, and kids love them!  Reward children with a ticket whenever they are displaying the positive behaviour.
A certain number of tickets needs to be gained in order to get a treat!
It is also nice on good days to surprise them with a "free" ticket  just for being them!


There have been many moments where I have just left Child #1 mid tantrum in the middle of the shopping centre!  
He quickly realises the tantrum is not going to get him what he wants......MY ATTENTION!!!
and if all else fails.....lock yourself in the pantry for a break and a cry Charlotte from Sex and The City style, (especially helpful if you have previously stocked the cupboard with chocolate)

So now.....here is my first ever Printable!  It is very basic BUT....
Drum roll please......It is a little owl reward ticket for you to download and print free!!!  

You're Beaut!
Click on the link below to download and print!
My Pigeon Pair - Owl Reward Ticket (this one is in "girly" colours)
My Pigeon Pair - Owl Reward Ticket (a bit more "boyish")


Here is a reward chart, simply download, print and then add in the reward column what it is your child is working towards.  They could have a small treat if they want to trade in their tickets quickly or save their tickets to trade in for a larger reward!
Click on the link below
Earn Your Loot - Reward Chart by My Pigeon Pair

If that's not to your liking check out these other ideas from the Blog World.

Happy Tickets - Ambrosia Girl
Just love these, 3 tickets equals a treat!

These Robot coins are also used as a reward by Ambrosia Girl.

Behaviour Bucks
Like money the more you save the more you can do!

DLTK-Kids - Customisable Chore Charts

Free Reward Charts
The good old sticker chart!

Remember sharing is caring, so.....what works for you?????  

thanks to ScrappinDoodles for the pic!

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