Monday, January 17, 2011

Forget me not...

An inky scrawl across your hand.  A sticky note.  A piece of red string tied to a finger.  Our memory is such a fleeting thing.  Sometimes despite our best efforts and crazy methods, we just don't remember that oh so important thing.    We lose precious time running home to get something.  The inconvenience or even embarrassment at not having that important item needed that day.   If your day was already off to a bad start, this is the final straw. And that is just how we feel as adults!

For kids it is just as hard.  In the chaos of the morning routine it is all to easy to forget the home reader or remember that Wednesday is Library day or even worse forget your school hat.  Remember, No hat, no play, no fun today!  A meltdown can ensue or even worse detention over the forgotten homework!

Two Mums have come up with perfect solution.... The Cubeo

"The Cubeo" is.... well..... a cube! A customisable small plastic cube that hangs off a child's backpack, to help remind them of everything they need to take to and from school.  A front window displays the items the child needs for any particular day.  Inside the cube are customisable, drop down cards for each day of the week.  Just customise your child's schedule with the various stickers for homework, library, P.E, swimming, even notes for the teacher or remembering to take important medication.   Small and colourful they would be suitable for any age group and would help avoid the hugely embarrassing visit to school from your Mother when you have forgotten something!

These "New Inventors" have been there.  Working mothers, Gail and Kathryn from Organise Easy,  saw a need for a tool to help their children stay organised and so the Cubeo was born. 
It comes with a variety of stickers so you can "plan" your child's week out.   The Cubeo is more than a clever, child centric product, it is essential!!! If only I had enough money to buy one for every child in my class!  I will have to make a mental note to buy one for Master O when he starts school.  Or perhaps I will just scrawl it across my hand....

Don't forget the Groovy Gripper competition is closing soon!!!!!  

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