Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Toss Out Tuesday - The Playroom

Most of Queensland may be drowning under record flood waters but here at our place we are drowning under a sea of toys!  After the Christmas inundation it is well and truly time to cull. It's "Toss Out Tuesday" over at Sunny Mummy and I will be tossing out (charity/friends donation) toys.
To truly rid us of the deluge it is more than just simply tossing out toys.  
Late last year The Organised Housewife had a Toy Room Challenge.  These were my tips;

Stage One: Bury the Broken

I throw out anything with missing broken pieces. Do not be sidetracked by the "we could fix it/I am sure that missing soldiers arm will be found one day" conversation. Even if it has not been lost to the land of the vacuum bag, by the time it turns up they will be over playing with it!

Stage Two: Charity Cull
Anything I think that has been outgrown or is no longer played with I “secretly” put in a hidden box.
If it is not missed (asked for) after two weeks, it goes to Charity. 
As an addition to this, I then ask Master Three to choose five toys he would like to give to someone who has no toys. (simplified explanation for him about Charity) Especially after seeing pictures of recent floods I have explained that many children have lost all their toys, he has so many that it would be nice to give to others.  Children are never too young to start learning the gift of giving.

Stage Three: Organise and Label.
We label all toy boxes with a name and picture so that it is easy to pack things up at pack up time.
I have tried doing this many ways but by far the best for us is to print and laminate the labels and "stick" them onto the toy baskets with velcro (for plastic buckets) or tie on with ribbon for our woven baskets (I am truly a sucker for pretty ribbon!)

I think our baskets are in need of some rejuvenating!  

While you are there read the heart breaking story of Lily and her extremely courageous family. 
 Have the tissues handy :-(

Final step is now to "Toss Out" the cheescake in my fridge before I do something I may regret.......L

To see our Playroom Transformation
Project Playroom

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