Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm grateful for...... Childhood Birthday Memories


Today I am joining in Maxabella's "I'm grateful for"

January is coming to an end....
At long last, the tedious month of returning to work and school preparations is over.
Now, I am filled with excitement, anxiousness and a touch of insanity as
February and March
are the 
in our house!

Master O will turn 4 in February (I can't believe I will have a four year old!)
AND Little Miss A will turn 1 in March!

Well actually I just LOVE Birthdays AND Parties, 
so the two combined places me in party planning heaven!

Birthday's ARE A BIG DEAL in our family.
Growing up, my Mum always insured that we had Birthday Party every year! 
 No fast food chain Birthday Parties for us!
Only the at home, decorated with balloons and streamers, 
hand made cake, playing games in the back yard variety!
Mum even created birthday parties for my Cabbage Patch dolls, including a cake!
So, now you know where I am coming from, I can not escape the party planning gene, it's inherited!

I always took our Birthday parties for granted, 
now as a mother I finally realise how much work Mum put in each year.
But Mum, it was sooo worth it!
So many of my favourite childhood memories and traditions are associated with my Birthday Parties!

The Australian Cake Choosing Tradition
The preparations for the upcoming Birthday would begin months in advance as we drooled over the cake creations in the Womens Weekly Birthday Cake book.
I had a rabbit, a butterfly, a "Hickory Dickory Clock" BUT 
I always wanted the swimming pool!  
You know the one filled with blue jelly?!
Lucky us, we usually chose two cakes one for the party and one for Mum to bring up to school!!!

Planning who to invite
With the best of intentions we had the rule you could invite as many people as the age you were turning - For example 8 people for your 8th Birthday. Fortunately for us this rule was easily bended!
To this day I still hear the 5 year olds in my class bartering with each other over a birthday party invite
"I'll give you the pink crayon if you invite me to your birthday party!"

The outfits
There are two most memorable Birthday outfits for me.
Before you read, be kind, it was the 80's!!!
A handmade balloon skirt,  that was actually made out of fabric with balloons on it!
and a pink and green tracksuit type outfit reminiscent of Nicole Kidman in BMX Bandits, I even frizzed my hair Nicole Kidman style for the occasion!

The Decorations
There was nothing more exciting than having a pre party nanna nap to awake to the house decorated.
Think foil, Happy Birthday Banner, pink balloons and the mandatory intertwined streamers that were wrapped around everything!

The Games
Pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, freeze and one of my favourites the pass the ballon and pop it when the music stops.  Inside the balloon was a small piece of paper on which was written something you had to do.  
Sing "Twinkle Twinkle" or "I'm a Little Tea Pot" or dance the "Macarena"
 Oh the fun and the embarrassment!

The Food
Oh how the food nazi's would cringe over our typical 1980's food!
What was a Birthday Party without Fairy Bread, Cheerios and RED Cordial!!!

  As I prepare for my children's birthdays,  I can only hope, that amidst the cupcake toppers, gluten/dairy everything free food that I will remember the simplicity and old fashioned fun of those childhood birthday's.   I am sure there were late nights, ruined icing and sore fingers from tying balloons but those birthday memories, created for me by a loving Mum....for them,  I am truly grateful.



  1. Larissa we could be twins.
    Birthdays are a big deal in our family too and the WW Birthday Cake book was the ultimate 'go to' tome for choosing your cake.

    Here's to March babies [of which I'm one] and all the joy of cakes, family and thoughtfilled gifts.

    x Felicity

    PS So pleased that you participated in Maxabella's linky as it has meant that I could find you and follow along. x

  2. I loved my birthday parties too as they were the same. I am determined to do the same for my boys too. Love the AWW cake book - its the best!

  3. I made my youngest 22...the blue jelly with frogs in it for his first birthday in 1989! I have also made the train, the castle cake and quite a few others out of that book! Now I feel quite ancient...I've heard there's another WW cake book out now.

  4. What a great trip down memory lane, Larissa! I sooooo remember the green jelly birthday cake. We had the same book! I am actually considering a revival of it for my daughter's birthday this year!

    Thanks for joining in today. x

  5. Oh Larissa - my childhood memories of parties are just the same! We always chose our cakes from that book and my Mum was the party queen - I have inherited the same gene! Enjoy your feb/march parties - even they don't include red cordial! They do make naturally colored hundreds & thousands now so maybe you could still include some gluten free fairy bread!