Saturday, January 22, 2011

Study Spaces

Just a quick post today as I log off the screen and into life -(Thanks Sunny Mummy!)
Off to Ikea this morning in an attempt to get the house a little more organised before school and kindy starts next week!!
So if you have some time this weekend how about transforming or creating a space in your house for learning!!

When you look closely, it is a simple white desk, but what makes it gorgeous is the way in which it  has been "accessorised" so beautifully.  
I know this from Pottery Barn Kids but I would LOVE a space like this!

 Pottery Barn Kids
This idea had may so excited that I once again attempted to find out how I could get in Australia.
Alas...not a chance the postage would be astronomical.
It is basically a lazy susan for the study!  

Ok so it's more Pottery Barn but they are just so amazing!  This is my idea of a study for "My Pigeon Pair" one day we could convert the playroom.  I love that you would be able to see the kids instead of having a desk in their room.  Check out the pinboards behind the desks! What a simple but effective idea to help organise your week!  LOVE LOVE the giant pencil!


This is a simple and stylish idea that you could do in a study or playroom.
Painted MDF numbers or you could even use letters!

Small space? You need IKEA!
I am seriously thinking of trying the containers on the rod idea!
It would keep those crayons and pencils out of reach of Little Miss A's Artistic hands!


Hmmm...I wonder how hard this would be for me, the man of the house, to make!
What an adorable reading/storage space!

Can't afford to transform the whole space?
How about a refresh of the decor?
Bright Star Kids

Something for the smaller kids!  
Chalkboard dots that you can stick onto your playroom walls!

But my pick of the day is.....

Love this Personalised Alphabet Print
scissors paper rock designs
An easy effective way to brighten up a study space is with a unique print.
This personalised design, is from Clare at Scissor Paper Rock Designs.
It would make a great first day of school gift!
Clare should know..she is also a teacher!

In case you don't have the time for room makeovers this weekend....
you can drool or dream over these play spaces.....


Not sure if this one is for the kids benefit or for the adults!

Every boys dream!

Luxury Ideas

One for Master O!  

What would your dream study space look like?


  1. Thank you Lovely for the feature of my ABC Name Print :) I used it today as part of my daughter's birthday party candy bar :) And now it'll be returned to her room, so she can tell me 100times a day...."that's my name Mummy...did you know that's my name?" LOL!!!
    Oh, and I am in lurve with that first Pottery Barn CUTE!!!!

  2. hi there just to let you no i have awarded you the "versatile blogger award" please check out my page for the details =)

  3. Hi there...something funny just happened..I was doing a search in "play rooms" and when I click in my favourite room, it directs me to your blog!!!
    We DO HAVE the same taste! :)

  4. Hi Ana!!!!

    I didn't know you had a blog, now If I only understood Portuguese!
    We must catch up soon!

  5. Don't worry about my blog lari, it's so out of date.....I need to restart it!