Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Treasury - Hats

No hat, no play, no fun today.
Oh how many times I have said this to the forlorn child that has left their hat at home!
I know nearly all schools have their own hat now (style stealers!) but it doesn't hurt to keep a spare one in the school bag to save the no hat tears!
The hats above have been chosen because;
They have a wide sunsafe brim.
Many have adjustable chin straps, especially handy for little ones who love to pull their hat off.

L to R: Hat-Dans mon petit sac - By Berlingot - $19
Hat Des mots doux - By Berlingot - $19
Hat - Vue du Ciel $19

L to R: Sunhat Boys
Sunhat Boys
Ava Sunhat
Master O has had two oobi hats since he was born and they still fit his now nearly 4 year old head!!!  This is truly a testament to what great quality they are!  

L to R: Little Birdie Reversible Sun Hat - $25.46
Reversible Sun Hat - $ 25.46
Large Dot Reversible Sun Hat - $25.46
These hats are not only reversible but both sides have gorgeous designs!!!!

So which one is my Master 0's  favourite....it has to be the Large Dot Reversible Sun Hat from milkbottles.
Good choice, son.  He likes it because it is dotty and blue.
I like it because it's fun but practical with an exceptionally wide sun safe brim!
Oh how I will savour this moment.  I am sure there are few years left when we will agree on his clothing choices!

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  1. good timing, my daughter is off to preschool in a week for the first time... and that calls for a new hat!!! Leaning toward an Oobi one for pure style ad they are really wide-brimmed these days.... cute blog!!