Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to School - Pack Your Bags....


They get dragged along the footpath, stuffed into lockers and on top of bag racks, crammed with paintings and at the bottom you will usually find lunch crumbs, school reports and last months newsletter.  
The School Bag. 
 Long gone are the canvas backpacks of my era, covered with scribbles.  They have been replaced by wipeable, durable, gorgeous and fun designs in every style you can imagine! But before you get carried away drooling over some of these gorgeous products some practicalities.......

Check with your daycare/kindergarten/school about the size and style of bag required.
Some will have a recommended size due to where the bags are stored.  
Many schools and even kindergartens have spoiled the fun and now have a standard bag!
Remember, it needs to be small enough for your child to carry but large enough, to fit everything in (including that gorgeous egg carton/cereal box sculpture!)

Generally backpacks are best as they are easy to carry. Save the satchel for older children.
Zipped closures are better than flaps but let your child have a trial run to ensure they can open it!!!!
Adding a string or bag tag to the zip will make it easier for little fingers to pull open!

You may think your child will be the only one with the latest "Insert Cartoon Character Here" Backpack but I assure you they wont be!!!
Many companies offer to personalise/embroider your bag for you!
Or you can take it to an embroidery shop and have it done...
even simpler add your own bag tag (see below for some FREE PRINTABLES!)
Anything that helps your child identify their own bag and stops them putting their homework in someone elses bag! (speaking from experience!)

Can you put it in the wash, or hose I mean wipe it out? Will it withstand being tossed about?
That lunchbox may look liquid tight but a few baggy somersaults later you may be finding yesterdays yoghurt floating in the bottom of the bag, could you save your bag? 
(yes that is experience speaking yet again, oh how I love my job!)

School bags rarely last more than a year so don't get to caught up trying to find a design that will remain classic!  School bags are often the last realm of creativity and fun when it comes to back to school supplies so let them enjoy picking out something they like (even if it does come as a result of a few careful hints!)

Ok so there's the tips... so now here's the pics!
The main players here are
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - Fresh, Modern, Gorgeous - Will be seeing much more of them!
Wipeable, Tried and Tested we have had one for two years and it it looks like the day we got it!
A little pricey, but oh so funky!
I'm a sucker for anything personalised!
Practical, affordable and a HUGE gorgeous range in all sizes.
Check out the owl backpack!  Gorgeous animal themed bags!

Check out their sites.
Below are just a very few of the gorgeous designs available via their stockists.

Left - Penny Scallan - School Backpack - $49.95
Right - Penny Scallan - Monster School Backpack - $49.95

Dwell Studio - Transport Backpack - $69.95
Checkout the dwell studio website - Products to die for...
Available here via The Hip Infant

Large Personalised Backpack from $69.95

Top: Tiger Tribe - Owl in Tree Backpack - $36.95
Left - Bobble Art - Large Backpack - Babushka - $36.95
Right -  Skip Hop Zoo Pack - Little Kids  - Zoo Monkey - $39.95


Here are some very clever FREE printable bag tags!
Click, Download, Print and Stick!

Anders Ruff - Free Printable Bag Tag
Absolutely loving the owls!

Living Locurto - Free Tag
Once again clever Amy, has me in stitches at these lego designs!

Living Locurto - Sweet Cupcake Bag Tags

Start packing those you think I could take one of the cute Tiger Tribe ones to work? 
Why should the kids have all the fun?

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