Monday, January 10, 2011

Make It Monday - Back to School - Teacher Gifts


Teachers are open to bribes.  Well at least I am hoping my sons new kindy teacher will be!
What a better way to start the year, than with a simple but personal homemade gift.
Forget Apples....
The Three Things A Teacher REALLY Needs Are;

Coffee...especially if you are teacher who is also a Mummy, like me...nothing like facing 25 over enthusiastic little ones after being up all night with a teething baby!

Chocolate...nothing sweetens the deal like chocolate..especially useful for moments when you feel the need to hide from the children in a store room, or to share with upset parents or to bribe other teachers to do your playground duty.

Hand sanitizer...did I mention over enthusiastic little ones..this also applies to their desire to share with you everything including coughs, sneezes, freshly pulled teeth or even better asking you to tie their shoelaces, after they have just walked through the toilets!
Or take a hint from these clever Mummy bloggers.....

Little Pumpkin Grace
These vases are just gorgeous and would make a great Teacher present any time of year!
This blog is also inspiring, with so many clever ideas!

testosterone times three
How have I never thought of this!!!  What a cheap and ingenious present!

Shauna - From my mix of six
You can never have enough pencils!  Or even better fill it with pens!
You could use simple stickers from a dollar store to decorate the jars.

Simply print and stick to any cute container/box you already have!

A bookmark for the class!

Ok so I had to have one apple present in their!

But the winner for me is......

With still two weeks until school/kindy goes back you have nothing to loose and everything to gain, including some brownie points (that may or may not come in handy after the teacher has had to tie your childs shoelaces...again!)

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  1. As a sleep-deprived Mummy, primary teacher & germ freak....I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your gift suggestions!!! JUST PERFECT :)