Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tomorrow, when the clean up begins

What a week....I am afraid, even I, am lost for words.
Tomorrow the clean up begins.
As the water subsides the reality of the floods impact will be there for all to see.
It will be hard for many to know where to start.
It will be a long and painful process.
It is hard to imagine that in the coming weeks life as we know it will get back to normal.
Or will it...they say the city and the people will be changed forever.
School will go back, workplaces will reopen, life will go on.....

Regardless of where you live you can help by
making financial donations to  
check out
By a ticket in the Sunny Mummy sweepstakes with all money going to the flood appeal.
bid in the

That's it for now...tomorrow the clean up begins, tomorrow is a new beginning.

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