Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why didn't I think of that?? 3 Clever Organising Ideas

The Button's in a Business Card Holder!

I have not had a good track record of keeping track of those buttons, sequins and beads and threads that come with new items of clothing.  I have just been throwing them out as whenever I need one, I can't find it anyway!  This is such a simple and clever idea.  Simply place them into a business card holder.  Use a scrap of cardboard, tape them on and write which item of clothing its for!!!

I don't want to imagine ow many bobby pins I have lost in my lifetime!
This is a magnetic paperclip holder!
What a great way to store bobby pins all together!

These should be free with every electronic purchase!
Until the world is wireless, these are a must.
How many times have you been under he desk pushing and pulling at cables trying to figure out what is connected to what?
Or even worse we have a HUGE box of cables and cords, I have no idea what they are for!!!
Why didn't I think of that!!!!


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  1. Why haven't you thought of it Larissa! What wonderfully simple, obvious ideas! I am liking in a HUGE way!