Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Friday.....The Mummy Uniform

I am as far from sporty spice on the fashion spectrum as you can get.   
My idea of exercise is a stroll along the lake or chasing the kids at the playground or does doing laps of the shopping centre whilst window shopping count?
But there is no denying the comfort and practicality 
of a pair of tracky dacks and sport shoes!
Even better a cap to hide the unwashed unruly hair and dark glasses to disguise the evidence of another sleepless night.
So I am adopting a new Mummy uniform.

The Tracksuit.
Must be black and baggy.  
This body is not as trim as it used to be and needs all the slimming disguise it can get. 
Black does just that, and at the same time disguises spew, snot or vegemite.

The Polo
Adds a bit of colour and makes the whole outfit a bit dressier in case my incognito fails and I get spotted by another Mother.  Also looks good if they day warms up and I need to take the tracksuit top off.

My attempt at looking sporty but also ever so practical for wrangling shopping trolleys on an escalator whilst Master O constantly jumps on and off the front.  Or for making the mad dash to the bottom of the playground slide as Miss A blocks a speeding child sliding down.

Sunglasses and Hat
No need for hair and makeup in the morning if I can slap these two on.
A slick of lipgloss and I'm ready to roll

My one slightly glamorous possession to provide me with just a dash of non mumsiness 
(until it spills on the cafe floor revealing an assortment of wipes, nappies, half eaten biscuits and toy cars.) 
Yes, I speak from experience.

Oh how times have changed my BC (Before children) track suit loathe has become a track suit love, 
 if only I could wear it to work!

Do you have a Mummy uniform?


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