Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bathroom Helpers

After completing our recent Project Bathroom, I have found a few new ways of helping to keep our bathroom clean!

On our bathroom bench

1. Dettol no touch hand wash.  
 I am LOVING this.  
It took me a while to brave enough to part with the money 
($10 for starter unit and hand wash on special at woolworths) 
but it was worth every cent.
It senses your hand and then automatically dispenses a small amount.
Perfect for kids that love to pump a ridiculous amount of soap on their hands!
I love that it looks good on our bench and it is great for when you have makeup on your hands to wash off!

2. Scented Candle
I just loved this candle in a jar from a "cheap" shop.
 The vanilla scent is great for freshening up the bathroom, and there is something magical about candles burning whilst you relax in the bath!

3. We are now using this gorgeous crystal ring holder we had put away!

and this little box hidden over in the corner.....
It has baby wipes inside!  
This was a whole $3 from Big W and included the wipes inside!
I use baby wipes for everything but they are especially good in the bathroom for
Removing makeup especially eyeliner/mascara
Wiping down your makeup after use
Wiping the sink down
Giving the bench a quick wipe
If only it came in pink!

What are your favourite bathroom helpers?

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