Sunday, July 24, 2011

Talking chalk.....Fiona Kate Chalkboard Labels

Remember our Project Playroom?

Well we had an awesome TROFAST storage system from IKEA that now houses the majority of our toys.....there is just one problem.....
It was looking like this....

No it's not the poor excuse for lighting when taking a photo
and yes some have been put back into their spot with a crooked lid.....
Notice the labels?
I am a MASSIVE fan of labelling things. 
 Organising and storage are great but without labels 
the items will NEVER find their way back to their home.
My label maker and I go way back.
But this was just one job too big for my little DYMO.
I have had many attempts at conquering this problem.

I tried printing out labels on the computer, laminating them and sticky taping them on....
Only one has survived (the little puzzles label at the bottom).
I then tried to use some letter stickers from a dollar store.  
These were ok, but after a month, wear and tear had got the better of them.  
Funnily enough they had a way of coming of the boxes when I needed them on and 
then when I wanted them off I had to scrub them off!!!
But finally we have a solution.........
Enter Fiona Kate - Simple Storage Solutions

Chalkboard Labels!!!!!

Simply write, using chalk onto the labels
For younger children you can add some little pictures to make it easier for them to "read"

Stick them onto your containers and....
You have a fun and functional way of labelling your containers!

Here is what I love about them.
They can be written on and personalised.
You can change them with a simple wipe.
We are always culling and resorting toys as the kids grow older so the labels need to be changed accordingly. This is sooo easy with the chalkboard labels.
They can be used anywhere!
They are easy to apply
They are durable

Who doesn't want to have a turn using the chalk to write on them.
A great way to help your children take ownership of organising
 is involving them in the process!
Master O has sneakily been found wiping off the labels so I will let him write on them!

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your project.

The "dot" and rectangular chalkboard labels retail for $12.95

We have used them in our playroom but you could use them;
In the kitchen to label tea and coffee jars or pantry containers
In the wardrobe so your clothes stay organised on the shelves.
Near the phone to jot down messages.
The possibilities are endless.

Fiona Chandler (the owner of Fiona Kate) established the business in 2007 and as a busy Mum of 4 children,  (and 6 chickens, a rabbit and a cat) she HAS to be organised!
Her online store is stocked with clever and innovative storage products.
From Giant storage boxes that double as tables to the divine "postie" for displaying pictures and cards, her products are all made "toddler tough"

Her fresh and creative designs are created at night after the kids have gone to bed.
So what does a typical day look like for this WAHM?

"Up in the morning post the blog,
cup of tea- very important
 load of washing on
make lunches and beds
 chase the kids to feed the pets
 clear up
 remind kids to get dressed
sort out the deliveries
try and fit in email
 remind kids to get dressed
hang the washing
 remind kids to get dressed
sign notes
 remind kids to get dressed
walk to school, oli rides home with me
drop deliveries at post office

this is the same most days
then it’s a mix of fun stuff for Oli , a bit of email , a trip to manufacturer and or warehouse
walk to school for pick up and the afternoon begins
homework, friends over, sport, music etc
"work" doesn't begin until 7pm!

You can find Fiona Kate on Facebook
or online at 

Now that we have the toys labelled and organised we just need to find a way to 
make them pick themselves up!!!


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  1. Love your fiona kate labels! How great are the storage boxes. I'm planning and thinking about how best to use them, because I so badly want to use them!