Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm grateful for...... Twitter

Fancy that.  
I have found something to love about another little birdie.

I have previously made a few false starts at 
swooping in on the twitter action but this time it really happened! 
 I was swept away out of my comfort zone and dropped smack bang in the middle of the twitter nest.
Would I have anything worth chirping about?
Would anybody follow this little pigeon?
Would I be attacked by some larger and way cooler peacocks?

Yes. Yes and NOOOO!!!
It's a bit like being the new girl at school.
At first you don't know anyone.
You wonder if you will have anyone to talk to.
Will you be able to find the few other people there you know.
But after a few awkward introductions, I started to feel welcomed, included and 
of course addicted.

For the first time I actually felt "connected" to others in the bloggy flock.
I learnt more about blogging, weaning, and tweeting in two days than I have in the last year.

I am not only grateful for finally having the courage to take the twitter leap 
but grateful that I landed safely in a warm nest, welcomed by some amazing chics and 
quickly taken under their wings. 

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  1. Its a strange world twitter.... I am on there but not as active as I should be as I miss fab tweets and then think oh its too late to comment now.. not sure, jury is out.... I will keep trying though xx

  2. I'm with you... After a false start on Twitter a few years ago I jumped back in there last week! I'm still trying to work it out though, and your post has encouraged me to keep at it.


    Lisa x
    (visiting via Maxabella Loves)

  3. Hello via the Weekend Grateful, I do love Twitter for many things, but must say that I don't get onto it and tweet very much. Just in bursts really and if I am able to sit down and chill for a bit. There's lots of good links and ideas and laughs there.

  4. Good for you!

    I am hopeless at Twitter. I can't keep up and then I keep thinking 'what am I doing this for?' which is, of course, entirely the wrong thing to be thinking. And then I get really nervous and start busting to go to the loo and that's the end of that!

    Just hopeless. x