Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm grateful for....Fisher Price

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As you know we have just returned from a trip "back home" to stay with my parents.
Yes, I enjoy staying with my parents!
Think, time to get a haircut, someone else to help bathe the cherubs, and little cousins to keep Master O entertained with spy plans, trampoline jumping and book making.
No making dinner, no doing washing, pure BLISS.

But family moments, no housework and child minding aside, something else bought me joy on this trip.

Isn't she a little beauty!
This "vintage" Fisher Price Cash Register is just way too gorgeous.
The memories of all kinds of shops, purchasing items that were never priced over 20c.
The decision over wether to push the change button and send the coins whirling down the slide or the cash button and hear the clash of the plastic in the drawer.
A few years ago I bought a "new" version of this childhood classic.
It appears inflation never hit Fisher Price and you still only get three coins to buy ice cream or books.

Oh and this one!
Mum no longer has the garage but a few cars, circular footed people and petrol pumps have survided countless childhood backyard sand pit car accidents and elevator mishaps.
In this garage world dogs drive cars, parking is free, and pathways are paved with rainbow coloured slate.  The elevator was the fought over part of this toy.  Winding up the crank was the job of the dominant child (me, hey someone has to be the boss when there are four kids!) and it was somehow always my turn!

and here it is the piece de resistance.
My Mother has kept this carousel, complete with records!
I think some may have been lost over time but she has managed to pick a few up at garage sales.
Wind the little handle and the record player tinkles, twinkle twinkle little star as the children swing around the carousel.
Master O loved this one and Little Miss A was more than happy to dance to the tune and give the children a "gentle" push on the carousel!
Master O is yet to discover the laughs had in winding the handle so fast that the children go flying off as they listen to a lullaby on fast forward.

Of course these once common childhood toys circa the 80's, 
are now classed as "rare" and "vintage".
  I am sure I could hunt them down by stalking ebay at midnight for a half broken bargain, but I have instead become a new Fisher Price hoarder.
Fisher Price continue to have childhood covered and create tried and tested toys!

Who didn't have even one of these old faithfuls growing up?
You have not lived unless you have a chatterbox phone with spooky rolling eyes.
For $10 each these are great for a First Christmas or to put away as birthday gifts for all those first Birthday parties!

Laugh n Learn
Fisher Price Play house
Ok so at nearly $100 this is a big ticket item BUT....
We bought Master O one of these for his first Christmas and four years later this still gets played with at least twice a week.  Great lights and sounds (but with a volume control) It allows them to use their imagination AND provides stimulation and learning!
This is by far the best toy purchase I have made.  Watching my two at very different ages both playing with this together is priceless.

Has this replaced our old elevator garage?
The ramps look amazing!  This thing is huge!
The cars are a great investment and can be used in all kind of imaginary scenes.

So I will continue to hunt, hoard and hail Fisher Price in the hope that my own Pigeon Pair will create even just a few of the amazing childhood memories today and 
one day in a far off future be as grateful as I am, that their mother was a hoarder! 
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All the toys and prices pictured came from the current Target Toy Catalogue.
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  1. I love fisher price toys. Little People are HUGE at our place. Kids love them. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers. Fabulous work!!

  2. Great photos Larissa! Brings back so many memories.

    We had a little record player as well and my cousins had the cash register. I love that photo of the garage and you can see the little car being filled with petrol. That is so cute!

  3. How cool is your mum keeping all your old toys! There are still a few bits and pieces at my own folks, but nothing in half as good nick as these. Adorable.

    PS - Yay for 100. That's a milestone worth celebrating! x

  4. wow that's such a cool thing to do, keeping old toys. i remember playing with my mum's marble set at my grandparents. it's very old school but we loved it as kids.

    visiting from maxabella, will be follower 101 - congratulations! x

  5. I bought my son one of those cash registers when he was they are really extinct in that form aren't they! They're still a lot of fun to play with though.