Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grateful for......sleep in whatever form it comes!

This week is all about sleep.   
Lack of sleep, no sleep, sleeping through, sleeping in your own bed 
and the constant how did you sleep last night?
So I am grateful for.....

1. Sleeping Through.  Last night, Miss A slept through for probably the fourth time in her 16 months.  I feel like a woman in a new body and can feel the guilt of 
"What have I done to my child to make her never sleep" 
gradually subsiding.

2.  My bed.  Even when I have a sleepless night I am sleeping (for 40 minutes at a time) in a warm, dry bed in a safe and happy home. 
 I can't imagine life for so many others who do not have this.

3.  Multiple non sleepers. Even if one child sleeps through, you will always have another to come and wake you up with tales of batman cards coming alive. Yes I am grateful for his active imagination in the hope that one day he can become a movie director and pay for the sleepless nights he put his mother through with a beautiful home in the Maldives.  A girl can dream....

4.  Coffee. The past 16 months have seen me solely support the growth of the Nescafe empire.  I am grateful for their cheap coffee, especially the tiny jars that I can fit in my handbag.

5.  Lastly I am grateful that I have these complaints because it means I have two little insomniacs who are healthy, happy and MINE!!!

What are you grateful for?
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