Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Say what???

Master O, aged 4 is getting married.  
Or so he announced this week.  
Being a teacher of this age group I should have seen it coming.  
I have witnessed many a lunchtime wedding ceremony complete with pipe cleaner rings and fallen leaf bouquets.  
But it was not one of his Kindy sweethearts he was going to marry..
it was me.  
I blame Bruno Mars.

Marry You

We love this song A LOT at our house at the moment and I guess the words "I think I want to marry you" being yelled (not sung) at each other have subliminally sunk into his mind.  Lots of talks about who you can and can't marry (that was a tricky one) we have moved on.  With the radio blaring we drive to Kindy.  We arrive like every other day for Master O to excitedly tell his friends everything that has happened in the twelve hours since he saw them last, I only hope is teachers don't over hear.

He begins to play and as usual he starts singing as he works.  
He can't help it.  It's hereditary. 
Loudly and in his best singing voice he sings...
"She's a dirty, dirty dancer".

say what??? 
 Where did he get that from.  
With a few quick shhushes and a look from him of what's wrong with my singing, 
I make a quick and discrete exit.  
Later that morning I confess my embarrassing motherhood moment to a friend.  
The guilt has set in!  I am one of those mothers.  
You know the ones who don't sensor what their children listen to the radio.  
The price paid for this sin is a child who knows all the words to those songs and uses them to embarrass his mother. 
Should I admit that this wasn't the first time? 

This incident came after a recent discussion about Master O singing.
"Where's my car, where's my keys, where my clothes" 
Where are his things Mummy?
Mummy answer: Probably in his bedroom under the mess.
That's what happens when you don't clean up your room.  You can't find anything!  

I am now trying very hard to sensor what he listens to, especially in the car, where most of these incidents have originated.  I only hope I haven't done any long term damage. 
 How bad could it be?  
Worst case scenario.  As an adult he lives out the words of his childhood and
 gets married, to a dirty dirty dancer, after he has lost his car, keys and clothes.  
Oh dear.  I hope not.


  1. I don't censor what they listen to on the radio either and we occasionally get shocked when the kids sing along in the car (quite loud) and know all the words.

  2. We went out for ice cream a couple of weekends back and Rhianna's S&M song was playing on Channel V. I actually wanted to make a complaint, and I'm not normally that type of mum. The lyrics and the sexual gestures were so inappropriate. Certainly made me think about being more careful. Thankfully Miss E didn't start talking about chains and whips!

  3. I'm really careful, but my eldest is eight so she is hearing a lot of stuff from friends at school, so that gets a bit tricky.
    I try and monitor everything, and we have a lot of music on at home. It is reasonably easy I think, it you set the good example. And if you love music and play it, no doubt they will love what you love.

    My kids go to a Christian school, so they come home with lots of God songs, which Bridie sings at the top of her lungs in the checkout at Coles. That gets me a few looks for sure!

  4. Oh dear... well, you can now move onto the Sound of Music. My twins are regularly listening to their teenage brother's heavy metal music and him thumping away at the drums.

    Little Master5 is also already coming out with some choice language... but only at home so far. Gotta hang onto those small blessings.

  5. LMAO Hahahaha By age 4 my 3 older kids knew all the words to the Violent Femmes songs... all of them lol My Mum used to FREAK lol

    But now I don't let the two littlies hear Eminem, big kids have to use headphones [okay so I'm old... earphones if I am to be corrected lol] to listen to him.