Thursday, June 9, 2011

Operation Camoflague Dump Zone.....Project Bathroom..THE BEFORE PICTURES

So are you ready?
Be afraid VERY afraid....
Here are some of the BEFORE pictures for our Project Bathroom

This is the bathroom.
The Left side is for me and the Right side for the Hubby.
Here is what Little Miss A LOVES to do in the bathroom!
"explore" the drawers!
Can you see all the jewellery she has pulled out on the floor!

This is the top Drawer
I have a great divider in there but the makeup needs some serious sorting/culling

The Jewellery is
"Creatively Arranged?"

Bathroom cupboard Number One
Not as bad as I thought but why do I have 4 bottles of deoderant I don't use?

Cupboard Number 2
Anyone would think our bathroom is clean
 judging by the number of cleaning products in this one!

and the solution....hopefully
I went to our local "cheap" store and socked up on baskets and containers of all descriptions!
Even a nice candle to pretty up the vanity!

I also have a few of these containers from Ikea that I am hoping to put to better use.
They are currently in all sorts of drawers around the house!
So there it is....
Let the operation begin....

1 comment:

  1. I am suffering serious Bathroom Envy right now! You might think it needs a makeover, but you haven't seen my bathroom!
    Having his and her sides is my dream. One day, I'll be able to brush my teeth without looking at leftover beard trimmings.

    Can't wait to see the after pics!