Wednesday, June 29, 2011

home and away....

We have been a bit quiet in blogland, but for a very good reason.....

Not the kind of lazing by the pool working on my tan kind of holiday but even better...
the travelling "home" kind of holiday which entails lots of time with extended family, visiting relatives, reminiscing and best of all no cooking!

Day one and I have already left Little Miss A...twice!!!  This is a record for me!
I leave her twice a week to go to work but have always felt guilty asking the "nanny" to watch her while I do "me" related things.  So... yesterday I had my haircut AND took Master O to the movies!

It was the first time I have taken him to the movies and the look on his face when those curtains pulled back and the giant screen was revealed was AMAZING!

We are LOVING this North Queensland heat!  The weather here is simply breathtaking, our flus have quickly vanished!  I hadn't realised just how much the cold southern weather had gotten to me, until I returned home!

Just a quicky from me as we continue to revel in all that is family....think italian home cooking, lots of kisses and cuddles (and babysitters) for My Pigeon Pair and being able to unwind, relax and breathe in this warm air.


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  1. OK, I'm feeling like i am on a little holiday right now. Enjoy your time, it is superb that you got your hair done too!