Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Project - Bathroom Organisation

Inspired by The Organised Housewife and motivated by my disastrous make up drawer, June's organistaion project is...... the bathrooms!! 
 A whole month for organising bathrooms??  We have 3!!!
The Master Bathroom will definitely be the most work.  It has heaps of storage space, with two cupboards and six drawers but that IS THE PROBLEM!  It has become a dumping ground for anything that could not find a home elsewhere in the house!!!  Sometimes having a small space is easier as it forces you to be ruthless and cull!!!
At least it gives me a starting point....

SO to help inspire and motivate me I have been busy on "Pinterest"

I would love a tissue box like this and something to keep jeweleery in that is similar?

What a brilliant idea!  It is just pvc pipe!

Ikea of course,  next house I would incorporate drawers like this into the layout!

divide and conquer...a great way to keep everything organised in the make up drawer, but would prefer something plastic, easier to clean!

LOVE all these cotainers

I think I may have lost 1000's of booby pins in my life!  What a great way to keep them together!

Definitely need a few woven baskets in the cupboards

So neat, fresh, organised!

HAVE to find these or something similar, not for makeup brushes but other vanity top items!

So let the organising begin!
Will I be game enough to post before pics?
be afraid, be VERY afraid.....
all credits check out my "Pinterest" page.


  1. Can't wait to follow along with you on this one.

    My bathrooms are on my list too. But I have to get the master bedroom in check first!

  2. I love this post! I've been messing around with my bathroom too, trying to organize things better-- I love the drawer inserts and the PVC pipe idea.