Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One is a magic number.....teaching babies one to one correspondence.

You are never too young to learn to count!  
The winter sun has been absolutely beautiful lately so Little Miss A and I have been spending lots of time in our entertaining area playing!
This little activity kept her amused and out of the garden! 

In the plastic container are pebbles out of our garden.
The green plastic container is a "seed sorter" from our local "cheap" store.
Little Miss A would take one pebble out of the container and put it in one of the seed sections.

This is her "pincer" grip or grasp.
This is a very important skill for children to develop and practice.
By practicing and encouraging this skill, children gradually develop strength and control.
This skill will one day help her tie her shoelaces, hold a pencil and write!
At the moment its great for picking up the tiniest objects and putting them in her mouth!
Its the little things!

she uses her hand eye coordination to place it in a section

she is learning about empty and full, another maths concept.
Only one pebble can go in each container.

"one" is a magic number! 
When children learn to count it is so important that they develop 
"one to one correspondence."

Simply put, one-to-one correspondence is the process of touching one object for each number that is counted aloud. This may seem simple but many children initially find it difficult to coordinate their counting with the movement of their hand.
She may not be "counting" but she is learning the value of one.

Until children master this skill they will find it hard to count larger groups of items!  Rote learning of numbers (being able to count aloud from memory) is pointless unless children have an understanding of one to one correspondence!

You can do this in many other ways
One peg for one sock on the clothes line.
One fork for one plate on the dinner table
One toy person for one toy car when playing.
One baby bottle for one doll (Little Miss A's Favourite)

The key is to make it fun, make it part of your everyday routine,  
and enjoy learning together!


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