Saturday, June 18, 2011

One way or another...

I'm back!  This has been the longest time between posts....EVER!!!  
We have just been so busy! 
 Writing report cards, planning for next term, public holiday, sick kids... the list goes on....

It has me "My Pigeon Pair" approaches the 6 month mark....
is it time for a change?
What do you LOVE about My Pigeon Pair
Why are you here?
What do you want to see more of??
Organising, Teaching, Personal Stories, Childrens Products, Meal Planning, Reviews?

In the meantime get ready for your news feed to bombarded with Organising posts!!!
We have been getting organised here and I am determined to have an organised home before Master O starts school in January!!!!

Cant wait to share our journey with you!



  1. To tell you the truth Larissa, I really enjoy everything that you post. I like your projects, the teaching perspective that you integrate so nicely, organising and anecdotes.

    Can't wait to read what you've got in the making.


  2. Thanks Gemma! I LOVE "My big Nutshell" especially your wicked sense of humour and Nonna Fran mentions. Not a post goes by that I dont have a giggle! I truly appreciate your feedback!

  3. Hi Larissa, I agree with Gemma. I enjoy all aspects of your blog and log on regularly. My advice would be to keep doing what you're doing, write and post about what you enjoy writing about and posting the most and chances are, we will all love it too! Thank you for giving us another lovely blog. Teresa @AmelieinWonderland