Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jewellery Organisation

Notice that little pile of necklaces so casually thrown on the floor?
(Bottom right)
Thats what happens when.....
You have a treasure hunter, delving into the jewellery drawer
unearthing sparkly finds and taking them back to add to her collection!
This was driving me INSANE!
Mainly because she "chooses" to play this game, whilst I am in the franic
morning rush!

I HAD to find a solution to this disaster!
Ok so by now, you have surely realised I am obsessed with IKEA
but when ti comes to organisation, they have it covered AND its cheap!!!
In the wardrobe department I discovered this little beauty....
a sliding hook organiser...

I have attached it to the inside of our Walk In Robe.
Can you spy it?
It is so carefully hidden away from the treasure seekers!

There it is!Two lines of hooks, just made to store necklaces, bangles etc!
and when I want to take somehting off, or view what I have...

It just slides out!
I can now see everything that I have
It's not tangled and the hooks help keep it that way!
I can't stop playing with it!
You could put this inside a bathroom cupboard, on a wall, anywhere!
It would also be great for hair bands or belts!
The possibilities are endless!
SO what do you think?
Meet you at IKEA???


Of course now that I have entered the wardrobe, I have to start organising it too!
Can't wait to share some great finds from Green Apple Organising

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  1. love your work. so nice that you won't have to rummage through the dress up box to locate an accessory now.