Sunday, April 10, 2011

Whats For Dinner? - Week Two

The meal planning last week was a huge success.
  1.  It was great not having to run off to the shops at 5pm when I have realised there is nothing for dinner.  
  2. I also enjoyed taking a bit more time to prepare each nights dinner knowing I was trying something new AND had all the ingredients
  3.   All of the meals in last weeks plan were suitable for 2 adults, a fussy 4 year old and a 1 year old! No making two different meals!!
  4. I have now made and saved a new kind of shopping list, with the meals planned on one side and the ingredients on the other...LOVE IT!!! I am such a list maker!

Our favourite was

Steak Involtini

I used these "Sizzle Steaks" from Woolworths,
marinated them in some Smokey BBQ Marinade
and then filled with Bocconcini, Sundried Tomato and Grilled Capsicum.

I then rolled them up using a few pre soaked skewers to hold them in place.
I bribed with beer, twisted my husbands arm to cook them on the BBQ for me!
Except I was hoping for leftovers and there weren't any!  
They were a little bit hard for Little Miss A to eat so I unrolled one and cut it up into tiny pieces for her.
Next time I would skip the sundried tomato and use prosciutto instead..
The possibilities are endless!
SO here is this weeks list

Chicken Burritos
We didn't get to have these tonight so will make them tmrw!

Lamb and Haloumi Skewers with
Brown Rice and Lime Salad - I love this salad!

A great meal to make in advance and re heat as I have a meeting on Wednesday night!
Fingers crossed for left overs for Thursday Lunch!

Baked Tuna and Tomato Pasta
I found a Baked Tuna and Tomato Rice recipe
From the Wonderful
but I thought fish and rice two nights in a row might be a bit much!

Seafood Risotto
I will officially be on HOLIDAYS!!!
SO I will have the time to cook up this favourite!

Do you meal plan?
How is it going?

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