Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rave and Review - The Karma Soap Company

I have that typical mediteranean oily skin. 
 I tan with the slightest bit of sun, have never had sensitive skin or suffered eczema.  
Before you hate me it also means I am prone to pimples and shiny face syndrome!

My husband is the same and this dark eyed, dark haired couple were expecting Master O our first baby, to be a little "olive" baby.  
And there he was blue eyes, fair skin and a touch of ginger in his golden hair!!!  
Where did he come from!  

His fair skin is prone to eczema and sensitive skin outbreaks when we change washing powder, he swims in too much chlorine, use a new soap, well lots of things!!!  
We recently had an "itchy" bath after Master O was determined to use his Birthday present "Thomas" bubble baths!  

I know I am not alone!  I have numerous friends, with children in the same position and our conversations are often dedicated to whats working for us!
There are so many companies out there now claiming to be "sensitive" on the skin 
(Have you seen the new Dove ad campaign?") 
but they still come wrapped in a mountain of packaging and artificial ingredients. 
So determined to try something new,
 we have just used "The Karma Soap Company's" Goat milk soap.


  1. That is comes in a limited amount of packaging that is all recycled
  2. It is made form natural products without fragrance. (but still smells lovely)
  3. It feels so luxurious and still foams up beautifully! (unlike some other natural soaps)
  4. No IRRITATIONS!!! NO "itchy" bath!
  5. That we are supporting a Mummy owned, australian business! - THIS IS A BIG ONE FOR ME!
Ok so its not as convenient to order soap separately from the rest of your shopping, but Karma soap is available online through their Facebook page so it is still sooo easy!  Karma soap comes in 17 different kinds and I  (this one was for the kids!) would love to try a few different varieties.  For me I would love a bit of essential oil fragrance (something to mask the smell of baby spew?) for those long luxurious baths (ok so now I am dreaming!)

Here is just a snippet of Felicity's, Karma Soap Company story...

 As we had started a new tradition in my hubby's family in 2009 where we buy presents for the kids and make them for the adults and as an avid soap maker i made a variety of fragranced soaps and body scrubs etc. My wonderful in-laws paid my products compliments all day and repeatedly said 'People would buy these you know, you should do this as a business'. So after a few days of thinking of nothing but just that I decided i would start the business and share my beautifully crafted soaps with everyone, not just my family. The Karma Soap Company was born a couple of days after Christmas 2010. 

Im located in Merrylands in Sydney's western suburbs, However as i am setting up an online store am accessable to everyone, not just people local to me.

Goats milk soap is a wonderful alternatitve to the store bought soaps with all sorts of nasty chemicals and things i can't pronounce, let alone know what they are - and thats IF all the ingredients are listed! I add NO alcohol or petroleum based products into my products and am conscious to only have ingredients I myself would use on my guinea pigs, I mean children and family!!  

The "My Pigeon Pair" Flock

Buy 5 bar soaps for $20 
receive a sample size of a different fragranced soap FREE
Just Mention "My Pigeon Pair" when you order!

What products are you raving about this week?


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