Monday, April 11, 2011

This too shall pass...

I am far from my bloggy self today
Between a teething one year old and dealing with midnight monster dreams....
sleep is something I can only dream of.

I am beyond tired,
But I wouldn't change it,
for I know that....

Babies so quickly become toddlers
toddlers to children
children to teenagers
and well, thats as far as I want to think....

One day Mummy hugs will not be able to cure bad dreams
and midnight lullaby's will be replaced with midnight worries.
We will check their beds not to see if the blankets have come off, 
but if they have come home yet.

So for now, I will soak up these sleepless nights, 
holding baby soft hands and finding lost soft toys under the blankets.  
Knowing that one day we will reminisce through rose coloured glasses
and recall so fondly, these crazy baby days.


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