Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hippity Hoppity..... Last Minute Easter

So this morning I was too busy blogging to remember that
1. I had croissants in the oven (for the Kindy Easter Picnic)
2. I had two Easter Teacher presents to make
3. I now had to make a new a "plate to share" for the Kindy Easter Picnic as the croissants were burnt!

So here is what to do when you realise you have stuffed up 
work better under last minute pressure!
Remember my "Teacher Gifts" from last year?
Well I just "bunnified" the same idea!

Using some gorgeous 
(That are 50% off until Friday!!)
a hot glue gun
and some ribbon left over from Little Miss A's Birthday,
I created these little Easter Jars

The Easter Printables come complete with little gift tags!

and inside some little bunnies looking after some little eggs.

 And a plate to share????
Some Easter "Bunny" Bread!
One loaf of bread...
Some easter cookie cutters (also left over from Little Miss A's Birthday)
and a whole lot of sprinkles!

They were gone before I was able to taste one!
(There were some plain ones for the children 
who don't appreciate bright colours as much as "My Pigeon Pair"!)

Thank goodness it is all over now....holidays here we come!