Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's easy like Sunday Morning....

Oh how life has changed....
This Sunday morning I have plans of meal planning (will share that with you soon), grocery shopping and housework.
I have a distant memory of sleeping in, lazy breakfasts out at a coffee shop, 
reading the paper or recovering from a big Saturday night.

This week, in my weekly browse of other blogs, I stumbled upon a post that struck close to home...

It made me ponder how life has changed since that precious moment that I became a mother.
Yes, I am still the same person but my life has also been changed forever.
Priorities have been turned on their heads.
Daily routines have been destroyed touched by the chaos of two children.
Luxuries are now having a shower in peace or getting half way through a hot cup of coffee.
But I wouldn't change it for the world... as now...

I am wiser of the world.

I am a better teacher, as my perspective of parents and their troubles and concerns 
has been touched by the reality of parenthood.

I care less about how I look and more about how I look to my children.

I can relive my childhood, when else do you have the excuse to blow bubbles or go down the giant slide!

My heart has grown in ways I never imagined and sometimes feels as thought it could explode with baby goodness.

My house is no longer always clean,
 but filled with many more treasured objects brought home from Kindy or captured on film.

My quiet moments are now spent gazing at my little bundles of innocence and truly being grateful for the million ways they have changed me, forever.


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