Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happiness is......

Yet again, Naomi from Seven Cherubs, has inspired my blog post!  This mum of seven (yes you read right, SEVEN!) has been reading "The Happiness Project" and now it has inspired her to capture moments of happiness....

Who doesn't want to capture moments of happiness?
I am a big believer in being grateful and finding the happiness in the everyday moments.  I love linking up to "Maxabella Loves, I am grateful for.." on Saturday's as it gives me a chance to reflect on the week and find my grateful moments. 
 So now I am going to "attempt" the happiness journal.  
I am impulsive and impatient so I can not wait for her linky to start so....

Happiness is.....
listening to the way Master O repeats everything we say.  He is always listening! 

Quotes of the day from Master O...
Yesterday in the car as someone cut in front of me 
"Watch out love!"
Pretending to talk on the phone he passes the phone on for my turn to talk.  After I finish talking he takes the phone back off me and says to his imaginary friend 
"Did you get all that?"
 (Exactly what we say when he gets off the phone!)

Ok so it's not one sentence, but I am not a one sentence kinda gal.  
(Read my Wordless Wednesday posts?!!!) 
But in the chaos of the day, I was in the moment, even it was just for a miniscule snippet of time, and in that moment I captured his funny sayings in my mind and did that quiet little Mama laugh that you do when you can't contain the laughter but don't want them to hear you.  
True happiness...

Please join in the "Happiness" movement!!!

What made you happy today?


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  1. Ha! Ha! too excited to wait for it to start. Love it!

    I am not a one sentence type of girl either and I am going to find it really hard to keep it short. Looking forward to seeing what you finish with when you link up.

    Naomi x