Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm grateful for......Wishes

Two things have happened this week that have made me think about wishes.
On the weekend we went to GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) as the current exhibition is "21st Century Kids" 
It was amazing!
One of the pieces of interactive modern art was a 
"wish wall"

Many pieces of ribbon, each with a different wish printed on them;
I wish I could fly
I wish I had wings
I wish my drawings came to life
I wish I was a Ballerina travelling the world 
(Miss A chose this one, ok so I chose it for her!)

What did Master O choose?
I wish I had a pet!!!! 
Hint, Hint!

Then on Wednesday, we had Master O's Prep Interview, 
yes thats right interview for starting school in 2012 in APRIL 2011!!
and the dreaded question was asked by the principal...
What do you wish or want for your child's education?
so I thought.......
To learn with enthusiasm, use his initiative, follow his passions and 
leap in to life

To stay healthy and active, to exercise his body and mind

To be given the opportunity to explore, imagine and inquire

To develop a sense of awe and wonder 
and to use his senses,
to touch, taste and smell

To communicate confidently and
to speak up for what he believes in, without fear of judgement.

To choose his own path instead of following others

to maintain the balance between
 school and home
friends and family
study and play

To face every obstacle as a challenge armed with the persistence to conquer it

and the resilience to shrug off the setbacks 

To feel the joy and pride of success.

Today I am grateful that all these wishes for my child are beginning to come true
What more could a mother wish for.......

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  1. Hi
    Popping in from AMB to follow you and check out your blog.
    Love this post (and isn't the GoMA great!).


  2. Where are these photos taken - it looks like so much fun.

    We were at GoMA over the weekend too - maybe we rubbed shoulders:) Could not believe that I left it till the last weekend to go:(

  3. I love the wishing wall, what a great idea! And how clever of Master O to use the wish as a nice big hint hint to mum!

    You couldn't ask for any more than the wonderful list you mention here. My favorite? To choose his own path instead of following others

    Gill xo

  4. Wow. WOW! The wishing wall, but mainly your thoughts on what a good education means. x

  5. What a fantastic post. Love your thoughts on your sons education - and the photos are perfect!