Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - Imaginative, Innovative, Inspiring

Thoughtful Thursday is a new "My Pigeon Pair" series!
I would love to share with the flock the 
"Thoughtful Things"
I find out their in cyberspace.
Maybe its just an image, an idea or an inspiration!

Loving this revamp of some old lamps!!!  
I have literally "burnt" my old lamp covers by leaving the lamp on whilst I am up feeding Little Miss A at night!
Such a gorgeous and cost effective idea that you could customize to any home decor colour scheme!
I have been searching for some Easter decor!  Love this fresh, spring Easter table setting!
Oh the organiser in me is dreaming of these gorgeous boxes!  Love the colours!

and I hope you are sitting down for this one....

A Fairy Door!
In preparation for the tooth fairy, complete with fairy dust so you know she has moved in!
Oh how these stir the imagination.
Your own little fairy watching over you, ready to visit at the very special moment.
This is truly the most inspiring, innovative and imaginative product I have discovered lately!
They are available via
or you can make one yourself using a dollhouse door!

Look at this clever Mummy's project!

What is inspiring your imagination this week?


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  1. You are right Larissa, we certainly do have the same taste!..I too stumbled upon a fairy door (see post - although the TaDaa Studio's price is much less expensive and I love the idea of making one yourself even better!