Monday, March 7, 2011

Something old, something new, something bird, something blue.

Today I caught a glimpse of my future.  
Whilst shopping at Bed Bath n Table, I literally glimpsed in a gorgeous venetian glass mirror and caught a glance of a crazy haired, blue dressed woman, armed with a collection of various birds in an erray of pastel colours.  
Alas, the crazy bird woman was me.  
The crazy hair, well that is nothing unusual for me the Mother of a little girl who seems to be constantly pulling at my ponytail.  
The blue dress,  an attempt to diversify from my obsession for anything in the pink scheme of colour, that has, despite numerous efforts,  grown in intensity each year.  
And the birds, well they are my new lust worthy collectibles.

Something old, something new, something bird, something blue?

I am no stranger to obessing over things.  But the birds have caught me completely by surprise.  I am not an animal lover, and birds, well in reality I run screaming or ducking for cover.  

In truth it all began when thinking about a title for my new blog.  When Little Miss A came into our lives, following on from her brother, Master O,  I was struck by the number of people that commented about our "Pigeon Pair".  The saying kind of stuck and hence became the title of the blog.  My wonderful blog designer then created a gorgeous header with those two very sweet little birdies perched above.  I was hooked, beak, wings and feathers.

Now I have birdie outfits for the kids, a new little birdcage and today a bird tree, bird shabby chic ornament and a few little hanging birds for the forementioned tree.  The current range of birdie items in vogue in everything from textiles, manchester, fashion, soft furnishings and home decor has certainly been an accomplice to my fixation.  

 I am sure my passion for collecting will follow me long into my future,  I may become a little eccentric, hopefully not too much like the crazy cat woman on the Simpsons.
Perhaps I will be that woman in pink, my hair a little less crazy, collecting something that I admire. 
Until then I will swoon over my little birds in all their vintage sweetness, their imaginary song, their muted colours.  
Beware the crazy bird lady, she will continue to swoop on these little chicks and gather them all to feather our families nest, 
next time I just won't look in the mirror.

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  1. ...and how good is all the easter stuff on sale at bed bath and table too!?

  2. Thats what I snapped up!!! I had to stop myself! I will be returning next pay disappointed they don't have an online store! You can buy those little easter eggs they have on ebay though.