Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The gift of reading....

I have many loves.  
Coffee, shopping, my family, teaching, party planning, blogging and 
did I mention shopping?
But truly the one love, that I strive to pass on to my children, is my love of reading.  As a child I was a self confessed book worm.  Well "book" worm is perhaps not the best term as I would read anything!  Magazines, newspapers, books, even the junk mail.  I loved receiving books as presents and now I love to give books as presents.  They have the ability to transport you to another world.  When reading I am afraid the rest of the world becomes a distant blur.  Now as a mother I am afraid I don't have the luxury of having the time or ability to "transport" to anywhere.  Instead I now get my fix online.  Blogs, journals, online magazines.  I can read them when I have that spare moment...I wish I was Oprah and could "gift" you all with a book but instead I will share with you my latest "reading" find...

This week I discovered the gorgeous "The Party Dress" online magazine or ezine....
it is absolutely gorgeous...pages filled with the most tempting parties, marvellous ideas, divine colour palettes and inspiring contributors (our "One Clever Chic, Sharnel Dollar is a contributor) have me swooning.

This is the first issue of this divine magazine and I look forward to reading many more.
So unwrap this gorgeous present (click the link above) and enjoy being transported to a world of fine dining, exquisite details and beautiful tablescapes.

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