Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Miss A's 1st Birthday - The Party

Part of the table centrepiece, this divine print
From Owly Molly Print
(our lovely sponsors!)

My oh my how the first year flew by!  
So we all say it and even the old Nanna's in the shops will tell you, 
they truly do grow up so quickly!

So this weekend we celebrated our Little Miss A's 1st Birthday!  
We had family fly in, and a full house of helpers, and an absolutely wonderful time!
Little Miss A was in her element and is definitely a party girl 
I can laugh about that now but no doubt 
it will come back to haunt me in those teenage years!

The Birthday girl, ready to party in her
 gorgeous Tara K Designs outfit, shoes and all!
Thank you so much Kerrie, she was a pink birdie dream!

This is what happens when I attempt to get a photo of the Pigeon Pair together

It's my Party, I am way too excited to sit still for a photo!
Master O: Are you excited about your Birthday party?

You bet I am!  I want to dance!!
Check out the feet!!!

Getting the table ready.
The gorgeous buntings are from Anders Ruff, of course!

A little tree with some sweet birdies 
The birdies are made using the paper in the Anders Ruff Party Package.

A little birdie, watching over the party from her nest.

Logo Bunting and Food Labels from Anders Ruff

Little Chocolate Birds nests

Whats a party without cupcakes?

Some Bickies in cupcake cups, perfect for baby hands!
cupcake cups from Robins Kitchen

Birdie Bickies
Worms in a nest
Prawns in Tart Shells with Lime Aioli

Little Miss A's Great Grandmother sent some "Toroni"
Almond Nougat
A long standing tradition in our family, there is never a party without it!

Party Favours

Some little eggs to take home to your nest.

The Birthday Cake
I am sure it would be easier to buy a cake but it's so much more rewarding to make one!
Icing mishaps and all!

Blow out your candles and make a wish!
The cake knife was an engagement present from my parents.
It has cut our engagement cake, wedding cake, both christening cakes and all of our birthday cakes ever since!
The cream ribbon is from our wedding, the blue from Master O's Baptism and the pink from
Little Miss A's baptism!

so lady like with a spoon for the cake....

Well for a moment at least....fingers work much better!

Did you say photo? Strike a pose!

Is that it? It's all over?  Clearly unimpressed!
Happy 1st Birthday, Little Miss A
May all your birthday wishes come true xx



  1. So gorgeous- such a sweet set up for your little girl's special day.

  2. Love it all Larissa! What a lovely party with such beautiful trimmings. Happy birthday to your little one and congratulations!

  3. Love all the pink and green - my all time fav colour combo just like my biz logo for Little Pearl Designs and my bubs nursery! I have an older son too who's 5 ...and my little girl is turning one at the end of April. Thanks for sharing your special day it was gorgeous!