Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck o the irish - Happy Birthday Little Miss A

This time last year I was sure I was the luckiest mother alive.
Our beautiful daughter arrived into this world naturally, safely and most of all was in perfect health.
Little Miss A is our miracle.
Was it our prayers, our Irish luck or just serendipity?
To be honest I no longer care...
I am just all wrapped up in gratefulness that she is here to complete our family 
with her cheeky twinkling eyes, wild hair and mischievious smile.

The doctor said she was possible but highly improbable, unlikely.
It was his receptionist who first called her a miracle.
Born on St Patrick's Day, 2010 
Just look at her now....

Ok so this story is way too important and too long for this post!
But I promise to share some time soon...
to our

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  1. Hope your little girl had a great birthday. My son is a St Patricks baby too. They'll thank us when they turn 18 :)