Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I know....

Chap sticks make great toys.  This is a new revelation gained after refereeing numerous fights over a strawberry chap stick.  You can eat it, stick it on your finger and point with it, spread and rub it on a leather lounge and then massage it in with your chubby little hands.  True story.

Do not let your child play in the sand pit whilst wearing anything with hoods and/or pockets.  Unless you want your house resembling the great sand dunes of the sahara.  I may or may not use a broom to sweep the sand off my children.  
Hey my mother did it to me and I was not psychologically harmed.  

Sunscreen, toothpaste and nappy cream are tasty.  She will not eat her dinner but do not leave any of these items unattended or you may have to call 13HEALTH.

Do not attempt to make popcorn on the stove when you are tired.
 It will result in you forgetting to put on the lid, hence an explosion of popcorn, followed by a delightful song by 4 year old son entitled "It's raining popcorn!"

Unless you can afford a lifetime's supply of hair colour for all your grey's, do not EVER attempt to take two children with you if you are shopping for clothes. 
This is pretty self explanatory or you can read why

I know that these crazy kids keep me on my toes 
and my house looking like a disaster area 
but I do love their chubby chapstick hands, sandy feet and their love of life!

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What do you know???



  1. Oh dear, am trying not to laugh but so many of those scenarios are all too familiar at my place too!!

    Have a great weekend :D Hopefully with more food and less sunscreen lol.

  2. The sand in the pockets!! That happens so much here-when will I learn!

  3. Funny! Yes most of these things have happened at our place. I recently cleaned out the kids drawers and found the drawer bottom covered in sand. Lovely!

    I also recently learned not to keep a lip gloss palette in a drawer accessible to a toddler, near my nicest white doona cover. She used the brush to paint some lovely stripes on it 10 mins before we were due to go away for a month. I was not impressed

  4. I love it! And you've gotta love them too, even after everything they put you through each day...but we wouldn't have it any other way!