Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Me + IKEA = Idea - Launch Station Part 2

So I had an idea.
For our family to have a place in our home that will help make us more organised.
I had some inspiration.
Ok so it was more like dreaming, but it did provide me with a foundation on which to build.
I had the perfect place to shop and the perfect shopping buddy...
with Katrina from The Organised Housewife.

Ok so there was lots of blog talk and of course we had to have breakfast in the Ikea restaurant, but we also did lots of shopping, well three hours worth actually!
I found lots of bits and pieces but my biggest find was
STUVA, a  new range from IKEA appears to be targeted towards kids rooms but
IKEA does versatility like no one else.
This range comes in so many varied colours, combinations, and add ons it is great for any room or decor! 

Oh how I love IKEA!
This storage combination is AMAZING!
Believe it or not I don't think I need this whole set but it provides great inspiration!
In particular I love the bench seat with HUGE storage drawers underneath.
I dont really have need for cupboards for such big cupboards in our space.

The first item on the wish list are the..
Bench drawers. 
Perfect for storing school bags, hand bags, violins, out of sight!
I am thinking two of these side by side under our big window with 
some gorgeous cushions on top.
The perfect spot for reading those home readers! 
Naturally you can even choose what style of drawer you prefer.  
For me personally, our decor suits this more classic style with its simple black handles. 
The configurations in this range are endless!
Two large bottom drawers and a top cupboard.

There is a combination to suit any storage problem!
IKEA is also budget friendly and it is easy to buy what you need
 or can afford now and build on it bit by bit.  
But wait there's more...

Remember that versatility? 
The drawer pulls out and it becomes a desk, perfect for the first few years of school!
So what do you think?  Is it going to work?
Have you been to Ikea lately?
Spill the beans, what did you buy??



  1. I love Ikea!!! And the kids love breakfast at Ikea!!! We have gotten the Ikea Bookcases from there, the expedit ones! We have the 5x5 one in our main room and a 4x4 one in the kids playroom!

  2. I love that complete set up the top (well, not so much the green. What colour did you end up choosing). I'm not sure we'd need the two cupboards either, but they complete the look so beautifully, don't they?

    I actually have (wait for it) NEVER been to an IKEA. Ever. Not once. Now I feel like that nerdy kid who's missing something kind of awesome.

  3. How wonderful you were able to catch up with each other. Love the picture. I want to go to Ikea now to check out some more storage solutions. Haha! I have a massive Ikea book shelving unit in our rumpus room and love it! N x

  4. Love your inspiration pieces Larissa! I can see a trip to Ikea in my very near future. Best go with hubby and trailer at the ready...those boxes can be HEAVY!

  5. We're a HUGE fan of Ikea in this house. In fact most if not all of the furniture (inc. wardrobes) are decked up with Ikea stuff! LOVE their products!!

  6. My husband is very thankful that there isn't an IKEA near us. I love that those pieces are so versatile and you can buy just the bits that you need. And yay for going shopping with the Organised Housewife! :)

  7. I just love Ikea! Especially their kid furniture. I am liking the look of those storage units, I see an Ikea trip in my near future :-)

  8. Oh how I love IKEA! We tried to get that exact bench for my friends baby room but they were sold out. I did almost all of my daughters room and our office from IKEA pieces and I love that they can all be used for different purposes as our needs change. Would love to have the space for a proper entry / launch station, can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  9. It was such a fun day, thankyou Larissa! Ikea is a place of inspiration and ideas and I just love how cheap everything is. I can't wait to see your new room, your idea's sound perfect for your space.

  10. I too am just a little bit enamoured with Ikea! And I LOVE that new range!! What a fabulous idea! AND you can even customise for a more "adult" look... wow.

  11. I just bought these but need to find some grayish modern cushions. Anyone know of a place?