Tuesday, August 2, 2011

IKEA = Idea

I heart IKEA.  
I love everything about it.  
The products, the store, the restaurant, the prices...EVERYTHING.  
I would happily move into an IKEA showroom.
You will not find a room in our house without an Ikea product in it!

If there is one thing I love the most about the products is their versatility.
There is even a whole "movement" dedicated to Ikea Hackers.
People who take an Ikea product and repurpose it for something else.

This versatility is very evident in 

A storage system composed of shelves and plastic containers in as many different size combinations 
as uses for it.

We have been pretty boring with ours and used it in the most common way
as a toy storage system.

But check out these clever ways others have used it!

Cheap, practical and multi use change space.
The problem with changetables is that they are great when you have a baby but once the baby grows up you are left with a fairly unusable piece of furniture!
We have this Ikea change table
Love it because it is a changetable now and a bookshelf later.
The table part just screws off.
You can even buy some little doors for it!

Oh how I would love this in my classroom!!
Each box contains a different "school" activity!

Love this!  Short on space?
How about Trofast as a mini wardrobe?
It is just the right height for those child size clothes.

but my favourite....

10/10 for clever!
If I didnt have a child who was more than likely to fall out of bed or use the steps as a bumpy slide
I would love to do that.
This is great for a small bedroom as you getting storage, a place to sleep, a play area and a secret little reading nook
Oh and that red circle mat...we have that as our time out space!