Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm grateful life in jeans

I am grateful that for the first 22 years of my life I rarely wore jeans.
Grateful that my mother refused to dress her child in jeans that would have looked like these....
Hey it was the 80's  
Nothing like a bit of fluorescent colour to brighten your day.
By the time I was old enough to select my own clothes 
these were my style icons...
Oh Beverley Hills how I miss thee, but oh so grateful I missed this jean trend.

I was a late bloomer with the jeans movement and it literally took me going to a "Levi" conference to change my mind.  I was working in retail when a levi rep came to give us a presentation about Levi's their history, current trends and which style best suited our shapes. For me it was bootcut.  But did I listen...NO!

These skin Tight lee jeans were calling my name and I listened and followed.
Problem was I thought my body looked like the one above aswell.
Hey it was uni days I was starving and drinking cask wine.

I probably looked more like this as I hit the dance floor.
Then came the Maternity Years.
No the dancing didn't lead to the pregnant state and
yes we have fast forwadred through a few years where I went out into the big wide work world, got married and was sensible enough to not attempt to wear jeans.
These maternity jeans with their ugly massive waist band were actually...soooo comfortable!
I lived in them!  I am courageous enough to say I still wear them!!!

enter Mum Jeans.  
Ok so I'll say what we are all thinking.
They do look comfortable?
They are so high waisted no chance of muffin top here!
Mum Jeans are all about that neck hugging waist line.
Hey if Katie Holmes wear them they must be good?

So thats wear I'm at.
Somewhere between Maternity and Mum jeans.
Hoping to avoid muffin top or bedazzled jeans, grateful for all the jeans in my life
 and dreaming of.....

Pajama jeans.....
say what???

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  1. Thanks for the laugh - this was great! I can't believe people actually wore those 80's jeans. And wore them en masse!
    The pj jeans, however, well I might just have to get me a pair of them...

  2. This post was so much fun that I nearly gagged. Thanks for the cheer, Larissa! x