Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Launch Station

Remember the "My Pigeon Pair" organisation station?
Well it has been working well but in my insanity wisdom I have decided that the whole corner of the house needs an over haul.  
With Master O starting school next year we need more than an organisation station we need a 
"launch station".  
So what is a launch station?
A central place in your house where you can "launch" from each day!
We would love ours to hold, 
school bags, handbags, library bags, 
notes, calendars, 
a space for mobile phones and even a place to sit and read the home readers!
Naturally I was able to find numerous gorgeous pictures for inspiration, but all the inspiration in the world means nothing if it doesn't have a purpose!

Lots of storage space and love the hooks but nowhere to sit!
Love the organising sections on the wall and the bench but those drawers are not big enough a school bag!

Love this is as a reading space!

This fits our corner perfectly with it's shape! 

Love the BIG drawers and blackboard

Have to love a splash of colour!

small but practical

almost perfect but we don't really need a space for jackets in our climate!
Love the BIG drawers and noticeboards

very practical but nowhere to sit!

Just gorgeous sitting place but no drawers!

drum roll........

If only you had the money, the space and the design know how!

So what do you do when the pictures still don't give you your answers.
You do the kindy drop off, pack plenty of snacks and head to....
What better IKEA shopping buddy then....
Wish us luck!



  1. launch station is on my fantasy list. I'd love to find a space to do this because I believe it gives daily things a home and you know how I love things to be in their 'box'. Can't wait to see how you've applied this concept.

    I was showing you post to some school mums this morning while we were setting up the reading groups and we all decided that you need space and cash for this high class cabinetry BUT there still has to be a way to achieve the same function without the expense, so space really is the issue.

    ohhhh excited!

  2. I love every one of those images and would be happy with any of them in my house. Have fun shopping...love IKEA!! N x

  3. We sort of have a launch station at our place, its the fishtank, that currently doesn't have any fish in it, so I've covered with a nice blue sheet, put some vases on top, we put our keys on her, our son puts his hat there, and we also have a shoe rack

  4. Drooling. Have always wanted a spot in my house like that.

  5. I would LOVE to have a launch station...although in this house...I think even with one, they still would not place their belongings there.

  6. Oh swoon... I have mega mudroom jealousy of all the American house blogs I follow! One day, I tell myself, I can have one too! Love them. Can't wait to see what you do!

  7. I have serious reading nook and storage envy. I am going to need a launch station too with two boys starting school.

  8. A launch station is on my wish list too, as well as a shopping trip to Ikea! Good luck!

  9. I wish I had enough space to have a big storage unit like that at the front door! Maybe I could do a simplified version?? At the moment I have two hooks under my kitchen bench for the school bags, but do you think they ever get hung there??Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I hadn't heard of a launch station before reading this. Now you got me thinking, as we move into a new house in a few weeks and my mind is going over the possibilities...Don't you just LOVE Ikea!

  11. I have about half of these images pinned on Pinterest too! My dream house would have a mud room where we all mainly enter the house. I am in the process of setting up a launch station by the garage door that leads into the house. So far it consists of a big shelf for shoes and bags but that isn't working for the bags so I want to get hooks for the kids to hang their school bags.